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Omg face Memes





can  breathe




  their  butt !







264 Pig Bottom Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock






A long time ago, ancient fish swam in a harsh aquatic environment, with scarce light and limited oxygen. Many died but some survived and evolved, eventually giving rise to Misgurnus anguillicaudatus — a type of loach fish common in parts of East Asia. The loach fish’s secret survival mechanism?

A unique form of intestinal breathing via their posterior.

In other words: loach fish breathe through their butt. But scientists now report this evolutionary breathing mechanism may not be limited to fish.


Turns out certain mammals can also breathe through their intestines using a process researchers describe as

“enteral ventilation via anus.”

The breathtaking finding is described in a new paper published on Friday in the journal CellPress.

There’s also a timely reason for researchers to explore this technology: Covid-19. The study team argues the method explored here could eventually be used to help humans experiencing lung failure. This intestinal breathing technique, facilitated by external ventilation, could aid patients failed by or without access to current tools like ventilators.


What’s new — For the first time, researchers have proof that intestinal breathing can occur in mammals — albeit, with a little intervention.

When the research team injected either gaseous or liquid oxygen into the rectums of both rodents and pigs, a procedure known as enteral ventilation via anus (EVA), they found the animals were capable of intestinal breathing.

In fact, the procedure boosted oxygen levels in animals experiencing oxygen deprivation, increasing their chances of survival.

“A proof-of-principle EVA approach is effective in providing [oxygen] and alleviating respiratory failure symptoms in two mammalian model systems,” the team writes.

The animals experienced no apparent side effects from the somewhat unorthodox treatment.

Previous research suggests oxygen infusion from this type of procedure may help children experiencing lung failure, but not all scientists agreed with these conclusions. Furthermore, researchers don’t agree on what part of the gut is most important for intestinal breathing.

“We speculate that [other researchers] are mostly focused on upper GI tract — such as stomach, small intestine — whereas our protocol focused on GI tract, most remarkably the rectum as the main site for breathing,” lead author Takanori Takebe, of the Tokyo Medical and Dental University and the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, tells Inverse.



This should simplify

Graphic from study illustrating intestinal breathing



How it works —It sounds stranger than fiction: Scientists helped pigs and rodents breathe through their gut by inserting oxygen

into animal’s butts via an enema.

Takebe breaks down what it likely looks like when mammals breathe using this little-understood intestinal mechanism:

  1. Scientists deliver oxygen gas or liquid oxygen — perfluorocarbon — to the animal’s rectum via the EVA method.
  2. Scientists deprive the animal’s bodies of oxygen. Critically, the oxygen provided during EVA helps keep these animals alive in these hypoxic conditions, circulating around the rectum and gut.
  3. An exchange of gases — oxygen and carbon dioxide — occurs, as would normally happen during breathing. Oxygen and carbon dioxide travel between the lungs, bloodstream, and heart, supplying the body with oxygen.

Why it matters — The researchers weren’t just poking around animal butts for fun or to simply confirm an evolutionary hunch. They were hoping to harness techniques that could one day treat lung failure in humans.








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qleanse Toilet Paper Spray









The Shining Bookend Sculpture - Here's Johnny!















A list of films made in Dayton


It's not Hollywood


There are no blockbusters


A lot of odd, gory, disturbing

low budget films







Exterior of Dayton Daily News

West 4th Street & Ludlow






Goose (Jim Van Bebber), leader of tough Ohio street gang The Ravens, has only just renounced his violent lifestyle when his girlfriend Christy is brutally killed by members of rival gang The Spiders. Goose vows to avenge her murder, but finds himself caught in a self-destructive spiral of hatred and despair that leads him to attempt suicide. However, just as he is about to blow his brains out, Goose is confronted by Keith (Ric Walker), the current leader of The Ravens, who wishes to recruit him for an armoured car heist; the only problem is that The Ravens have since joined forces with The Spiders and Goose isn't about to forgive and forget...









Dayton, Yellow Springs and Xenia


Emma and Elvis (1992) - IMDb


Emma and Elvis




Alice and Eddie, two misfit political activists challenge the problems of their time.


Beavercreek and Dayton
 The Manson Family (Unrated 2-Disc Special Edition): Allisse,  Maureen, Briggs, Michelle, Burns (III), Tom, Clarke, Marita, Day, Carl,  Games, Marcelo, Gillespie, Mark, Harper, Paul, Hatt, Valerie, Hellwig,  Norris, Jones (II), M.M.,




If you think you know the story of the Manson Family, you are dead wrong. On a ranch outside of Los Angeles, the dream of the "Love Generation" is transforming into something evil. What was once an oasis of free love and acid trips has become ground zero for a madman's paranoid visions. An average group of kids, the "Family," become engulfed in a delusional world where torment and slaughter are considered the path to righteousness.Director Jim VanBebber (Deadbeat at Dawn) delivers a dizzying, rapid-fire vision of the sex and violence that unifies the misguided group, a group hell-bent on executing the brutal vision of its leader, Charles Manson.
 The Dream Catcher [Region 2]: Maurice Compte, Paddy Connor,  Jeanne Heaton, Joseph Arthur, Patrick Shining Elk, Larry John Meyers, David  Reece, Leslie Orr, Amanda Lanier, Danny Morris, Ed Radtke, The Dream




An abandoned teen jumps a freight train in Philadelphia intent on reaching his uncle in Indiana, whom he believes will help him with financial difficulties including a pregnant girlfriend. In Ohio, he meets another homeless teen, who escorts him to his uncle. Finding his uncle equally broke, the duo head on to Oklahoma City to try to find the first teen's long-gone ex-con father. A confrontation between father and son send the duo on into exploits in the west including getting beaten up, busting into an Indian reservation church, and hitch-hiking with a beautiful nurse.






Scream for Christmas (2000) - IMDb




A Christmas party is interrupted by a violent psychopath in a Santa suit, a maniac with the powers of the Grim Reaper, a killer cheerleader, and a demonic ghost. There is no hope for them, watch as they DIE.



Blue Car (2002) - IMDb




A troubled young woman is encouraged by a teacher to enter a poetry contest.

Gifted 18-year-old Meg has been abandoned by her father and neglected by her hardworking mother. Left to care for her emotionally disturbed younger sister, her world begins to unravel. She finds an outlet in writing poetry and support from her English teacher, Mr. Auster. But what started out as a mentoring relationship begins to get a bit more complex.


Dayton, Kettering and Colonel White High School





Playboy TV: Small Town Girls (2002) - | Related | AllMovie




Diamonds Caberet









A Young Man is forced to reflect all the pain of his life to learn from it and move on with his life. The pain is far worse than he could ever have imagined. You will now see all the pain in his life, in some of the most disturbing fashions.





Twist of Faith (2004) - IMDb





A man confronts the trauma of past sexual abuse as a boy by a Catholic priest only to find his decision shatters his relationships with his family, community and faith.




Turning the Corner




"Turning The Corner" focuses on a group of college students at turning points in their lives. Most are approaching graduation and the real world. One of the characters, Albert, is not close to graduation, but seeing his friends prepare for their futures forces him to consider his own. Albert must face more than the prospect of graduation--Albert is a quadriplegic. Albert attempts to leave behind his slacker nature as he pursues his place in the world. The journey is less than efficient, with humorous detours and lessons learned.






Atrocity Circle (Video 2005) - IMDb




Brandon is raising a family with his beautiful wife Lisa and going to school to become a doctor. But after seeing a horrible victim of rape he recovers memories of his high school sweetheart Samantha being raped and committing suicide. He decides he can no longer handle the memories without getting revenge for her. So he goes back to his hometown to get bloody vengeance, but some of the men he once knew are now FAR MORE dangerous.






Block Party (2006) - Movie Posters (2 of 2)




A mix of Dave Chappelle's sketch comedy and musical interludes, inspired in part by the 1973 documentary Wattstax.


Dayton, Yellow Springs and Brooklyn, NY






Don't Tell (2005) - IMDb




Three siblings come to terms with their family demons when their father dies.






Immortally Yours (Film, Vampire): Reviews, Ratings, Cast and Crew - Rate  Your Music

also known as


Immortally Yours (2009) - IMDb




A coven of Sexy, modern Day vampires ravage the American Midwest with the thirst for blood, while a romantic twist puts the vampires at odds among themselves and with the murderous Illuminati that seek to gain their immortality.





Street Dreams (film) - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia




This story is based where the skateboard culture is the most foreign, the Midwest. Derrick Cabrera, like all skaters, has a dream of being sponsored and one day going pro. He is an up and coming skater with all the talent but has the world against him. Parents, friends and schoolmates can't understand how Derrick has so much passion for something that has no future in their eyes.


Dayton, Kettering and California






J.B. Spins: New Filmmakers: North Dixie Drive




North Dixie Drive is the portrait of a small community of businesses and people residing in the Northridge section of Dayton, Ohio. It is the story of big time wrestlers, mechanics, a donut salesmen, an eccentric country singer, barbers, exotic dancers and car repo men. This collection of people, from all walks of life, live and work around a traffic circle situated along highway I-75, and fight to keep their lives and careers afloat in a failing economy. This debut film by Brooklyn, NY filmmaker Eric Mahoney showcases an off beat group of characters in today's Middle America.





Depression: The Movie (2012) - IMDb

Depression: The Movie


Four people deal with all the pain and sadness they have and find the root cause.

Plot Keywords:

bare breasts | topless female nudity | female nudity | sadness | death






Watch Hellhounds | Prime Video




A first person account of Ross Graves, an alcoholic drifter who is constantly hunted by demonic bounty hunters and a spiritual being to whom he sold his soul.


Dayton and Waynesville






A Bulldog for Christmas (2013) - IMDb




On Christmas Vacation a cynical college student is magically transformed into a bulldog until she learns the meaning of her family and the Christmas spirit.






Haunted House on Sorority Row (2014) - IMDb





A fledging sorority moves into a dilapidated house only to find something evil is lurking in the shadows. Is it an elaborate hazing ritual? Or is something sinister - something paranormal - behind the mental and physical assault?


Dayton and Waynesville






Scarewaves (DVD) – Alternative Cinema




From the director of Babysitter Massacre and Haunted House on Sorority Row ( Henrique Couto ) comes a shocking new film critics are calling "fresh and original" and "what horror audiences want" In his final night as a radio host, shock jock Amos Satan spins four spine-tingling tales of terror in this anthology of urban legends inspired by Creepshow and Tales from the Crypt. Scarewaves. Listen if you dare.


Dayton and Waynesville










Dealing with family is hard, the rest is just gravy. Thanksgiving is a time when families get together to eat good food and share in the spirit of thankfulness. That is, of course, a best case scenario. Some families are so tangled in a web of drama from financial issues, relationships, and so on that lead to big blow outs or worse, long awkward silences. This is the story of one of those families.


Dayton and New Lebanon






Threshold (2015) - IMDb




Three slackers wake up to find their friend is missing and in the search for his whereabouts they continue their normal routine that is both odd and compelling. When this routine becomes threatened they must face what's been holding them back and cross the threshold into truly living.



Primordial (2015) - IMDb




Valerie Graves, a misanthropic, disillusioned woman in her mid-twenties, is haunted by sadistic urges that she has struggled to repress since childhood.


Dayton and Waynesville









A detailed look at the Doolittle Raid, and the final official public reunion of the surviving Raiders.





We're Doing Fine (2017) - IMDb




Two people from Dayton, Ohio - one who left and one who stayed, meet when both are experiencing the impending loss of a single parent. Their chance encounter redirects the course of their lives.





Boy Band (2018) - IMDb



Decades after their last hit, the Heartthrob Boyz find themselves out of time, out of cash, and out of shape as they attempt to finish the album they hope returns them to glory.


 Got My Hustle Up: Michael Blackson, Jamal Woolard, Murda Pain,  Bambi Johnson




Got My Hustle Up is about a young man forced to grow up quickly after his father is killed. Growing up fast in Dayton, Ohio he's surrounded by violence and the drug life. He wants to be a good father to his son but struggles to support him on his salary as a pest control technician. Jason and his partner Boo Pac find themselves dealing with crazy customers and a crooked boss. Eventually he's face to face with the man responsible for his father's death. Jason wonders if the gaining money, power and respect are worth more than loyalty to his father.






Watch Ragmork | Prime Video




A troubled young man survives an attack from a feral man while isolated in rural Ohio. Soon after, he faces inexplicable terrors and is left to wonder... what is real and what is madness?


Waynesville, New Lebanon and Dayton







Respite Care (2019) - IMDb




A home health care worker in her 20's gets hired to care for a elderly man who had molested her when she was a child. She plans her revenge during a weekend when his family is out of town.










A local skate legend returns home from rehab to star in a documentary about his recovery only to have the project derailed when a drug stash is uncovered in an old hangout spot.








Plagued by reoccurring nightmares after having turned ten years old, the young men and women from four separate families seek to uncover the truth of their connectedness.






Straitjacket (2021) - IMDb




An unstable veteran attempts to flee town after an accidental shooting in the woods. As he attempts to gather resources, he's forced to confront the wreckage of his life and finds that getting out of town will be harder than expected.









Misunderstandings and bad life decisions lead the way as a Loan Shark's son comes up missing while he is trying to take over the food chain of crime in a city that has small time thieves with champagne dreams on a beer budget.








1939 Ad Vintage Packard Super-8 Convertible Coupe Purple Automobile Ca –  Period Paper



1926 Packard 326 Sedan - For Sale At Auction



RadiatorEmblems: PACKARD / USA











may be open soon



PHOTOS] America's Packard Museum in Dayton: Visitor Information & Review -  The News Wheel



America’s Packard Museum is housed in a restored Packard dealership, which displays classic twentieth-century Packards, along with historic memorabilia and artifacts pertaining to the Packard line.

It is the world’s only restored Packard museum, and visitors are able to experience the automobiles and learn more about this distinct brand. The museum also hosts annual events and gatherings throughout the year, ranging from high end cocktail parties and galas to laid back speaker presentations and workshops.

420 S Ludlow St, Dayton, Ohio, Phone: 937-226-1710





America's Packard Museum Is a Palace Worthy of the Company - The New York  Times





Built in 1917, America's Packard Museum is the only restored Packard Dealership operating as a museum. It houses the largest public collection of Packard automobiles and memorabilia in the world.



Explore 100 Years Of Car History At America's Packard Museum In Dayton |  WKRC




On Tuesday, November 17, The Citizens Motorcar Company: America’s Packard Museum in Dayton, Ohio, sustained a devastating fire in its off-site storage warehouse in Harrison Township. Many irreplaceable Packard automobiles and artifacts were lost to the fire, which is believed to be the result of a human act and possibly vandalism.




America's Packard Museum ravaged by fire - Old Cars Weekly 







America's Packard Museum 2019




Packard was an American luxury automobile marque built by the Packard Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan, United States. The first Packard automobiles were produced in 1899








and the last Detroit-built Packard in 1956, when they built the Packard Predictor, their last concept car.








Finned Finale - 1956 Packard Predictor | Hemmings



The Predictor


This hardtop coupe's design followed the lines of the planned 1957 cars. It had many unusual features, among them a roof section that opened either by opening a door or activating a switch, well ahead of later T-tops. The car had seats that rotated out, allowing the passenger easy access, a feature later used on some Chrysler and GM products. The Predictor also had the opera windows, or portholes, found on concurrent Thunderbirds. Other novel ideas were overhead switches—these were in the production Avanti—and a dash design that followed the hood profile, centering dials in the center console area.




The company was considered the preeminent luxury car before World War II, and contributed aircraft engines for the war effort to Allied forces.











Owning a Packard was a prestigious accolade, being the favorite with European Royalty, celebrities and Corporate America. President Frankin Roosevelt was known to give limousines as gifts on several occasions, and surviving examples can be found in museums, car shows and automobile collections worldwide.



1928 Packard carrying President Roosevelt during a parade in Dallas, Texas  | DPL DAMS





1938 Packard by Rollston: Presidential Limousine: Franklin D. Roosevelt |  Packard cars, Old vintage cars, Packard








Their value was the result of engineering pursuit with little regard to expense, using the best of everything in their products. As far as Packard was concerned, the greatest luxury was mechanical quality, refinement and reliability above all else.



The Iconic Packard Automobiles and America's Packard Museum | Ancestral  Findings




In the 1920s, Packard exported more cars than any other in its price class, and in 1930, sold almost twice as many abroad as any other marque priced over $2000  $30,610 in 2019 dollars. In 1931, 10 Packards were owned by Japan's royal family. Between 1924 and 1930, Packard was also the top-selling luxury brand.



Packard Museum






Maybe someday it will re-open










Fairmont West

High School



Fairmont history: When East met West and other cool facts – The Flyer



The original school was part of the Van Buren Township Schools and was opened in September 1906. The high school was located on Dorothy Lane just west of Far Hills Avenue. In 1922, the original four-room school was too small for the student population and was replaced by a larger building east of the original building on Dorothy Lane. The original four-room school house later became the first Kettering City Hall.


Dorothy Lane Elementary School | Elementary schools, Ohio, Dayton


As Van Buren Township began to rapidly grow as a desirable Dayton, Ohio suburban location, the new school on Dorothy Lane was quickly filled to capacity. In 1929, a new, modern building was built on Far Hills Avenue at the corner of Storms Road. The 1922 building became Dorothy Lane Elementary School. The cost of the new high school on Far Hills was $300,000 and led to its being called the "folly in the country." But it had to be expanded several times to keep pace with growing enrollment. The school mascot and colors were Dragons and purple and white.


Fairmont West 63-83 High School Dragons Alumni - Kettering, Ohio

In 1934, Fairmont Stadium was constructed behind the school as a football and track and field venue for the school team.


Fairmont High School | Out of the Box



As interest in Fairmont football grew, a donation from the Foreman family, which had four sons who had been Dragon stars, helped remodel and enlarge the facilities.

In 1954, the Village of Kettering, which occupied much of Van Buren Township, became the City of Kettering, one of the fastest growing in the area. The high school on Far Hills could no longer be expanded to house the growing student population. The Kettering Board of Education secured a large tract of land between Far Hills Avenue and Shroyer Road. A seven building campus style high school, the first of its kind in the Midwest, was opened in 1957 as a three-year high-school. The former building became Dwight L. Barnes Junior High School. Today, it is the home of the Kettering Board of Education.

Within just a few years, the student enrollment of more than 2,000 was again exceeding the capacity of the new high school. By 1963, a second campus style high school located in the eastern part of the city was opened as Fairmont East High School and the existing school was renamed Fairmont West High School. Fairmont West retained the Dragons mascot and colors, while Fairmont East adopted the Falcons mascot and the colors Columbia blue and red.

In the 1970s, the vocational facilities at Fairmont West were expanded as the Kettering Fairmont Career Tech Center. But overall enrollment began to decline in the school district. After 20 years, the Fairmont East campus was converted to a middle school.

In the fall of 1983, the consolidated school reopened as Kettering Fairmont High School, with students from both East and West joining as the Fairmont Firebirds, taking the flight of the Falcon and the fire of the Dragon. The new school colors are navy blue, silver and white.

In the 1990s, a track and field facility was constructed on vacant land on the campus between Far Hills and Shroyer. Fairmont participated in the Miami Valley League (MVL) and later in the Western Ohio League (WOL). They are now in the Greater Western Ohio Conference.

During the 1992/1993 school year, the high school underwent a major reconstruction, turning the seven building campus into one large building. The project added new classrooms, lockers, common areas, and allowed for students to avoid inclement weather between classes. The then 7 buildings were connected with 35 new classrooms and expansion of facilities such as the library/media center, cafeteria and gymnasium. For the first time since the 1940s, the high school was again a four-year high school, from September 1993.

In October 2005, the new $8.8 million 63,000-square-foot (5,900 m2) James S. Trent Gymnasium—named for the veteran Kettering educator—opened.


Trent Arena Facility Use - Kettering Fairmont High School



It seats 3,400 (4,400 with folding seats on the floor) and is used not only for the school's indoor sports teams, but for traveling sports tournaments and music acts. The arena ranks as the seventh-largest entertainment venue in Dayton. It rivals Fraze Pavilion, the outdoor amphitheater in Kettering, which has 4,388 seats. The arena's first scheduling priorities are for the high school. But because residents approved a levy to pay for renovations and additions to almost every building in the school district, the arena also has community aspects such as:

  • An 8,000-square-foot (740 m2) exercise facility, The Kettering Fitness and Wellness Center
  • A wellness/physical therapy center operated by Kettering Medical Center
  • A cafe
  • A reception and banquet facility


Home - Kettering Fairmont High School


For high academic achievements, Fairmont awarded Dragon Bells. A bell tower was built on the campus in 1989 as a gift of the Class of 1989 and named the Kettering Firebird Spirit Bell. The bell is electronically operated and is the last operational bell from the original Deeds Carillon, which was upgraded to 57 bells in 1988. The bells have recently been refurbished are rung for high academic and extracurricular achievement.



Notable Fairmont Students



Neutron Man (1960)

Famous Ohio State University fan


King grew up in Kettering, Ohio where his father was a tool and die maker. Every year he and his father would travel to Columbus, Ohio, to Ohio Stadium to watch a Buckeyes home football game. King attended Kettering Fairmont High School and played football. Later, King went on to play football on a scholarship at the University of Dayton.

King started dancing at Ohio State home football games in 1972. At that time he was known as the B Deck Dancer. He remained the B Deck Dancer until the mid-1980s when the Ohio State Marching Band introduced its rendition of the Pointer Sisters’ “Neutron Dance”. The spectators established a connection between the song and King and began to chant, “Neutron Man, Neutron Man”. From that point forward, the Neutron Man would dance at every Ohio State home football game during the third quarter break. King eventually began to wear his scarlet and gray beret and his very own Ohio State Buckeyes jersey with “Neutron Man” printed on the back.


TBDBITL Report: Charity Performance and Remembering Neutron Man





Nancy Cartwright (1976)



(born October 25, 1957) is an American actress, painter, sculptor, philanthropist, and YouTuber, best known for her long-running role as Bart Simpson on the animated television series The Simpsons.







Brady Hoke (1977)

former head football coach at the University of Michigan


Hoke graduated from Fairmont East High School in Kettering, Ohio, in 1977. While at Fairmont East, Hoke played linebacker/defensive end and was also on the school's wrestling squad. His father, John Hoke, played for future Ohio State coach Woody Hayes at Miami University, alongside future Michigan coach Bo Schembechler. Despite his father's association with Hayes, Hoke recalled that, while he was growing up in Kettering, he was a Michigan fan.



Brady Hoke (6043752190).jpg



Rob Dyrdek (1992)




ob Dyrdek in 1992, and one of the most 'Everthing about this one' ones ever. The shirt, Rob's mantis board, the cut-down Cabs with the




  • Dyrdek was born on June 28, 1974 in Kettering, Ohio to Gene and Patty Dyrdek. Dyrdek was involved in sports as a child and began skateboarding at the age of 11, when he received his first skateboard from professional skateboarder Neil Blender. Of his early interest in the sport, Dyrdek has stated, "I was so focused on becoming a pro skateboarder. I would sit in school and think about all the tricks I was going to do, then I’d get out of school and skate until they made me come inside."

At the age of 16, Dyrdek decided to forgo his senior year of high school and instead moved to Southern California to continue with his professional skate career.



Rob Dyrdek.jpg




Chris Rolfe (2001)

Major League Soccer Player;

member of United States men's national soccer team



  2013 Topps MLS Maestros Autographs #CR Chris Rolfe AUTO - NM-MT | eBay



Rolfe attended Kettering Fairmont High School, where he was given his first varsity start as a freshman in the last game of the season in order to play with his brother Jon, a senior. Set the goal scoring record in only 3 years on Varsity. Earned All-State and All-Midwest honors in his senior year after leading the Firebirds to their first district title and first-ever victory over arch-rival Centerville High School. He played college soccer at the University of Dayton.




Chris Rolfe DC United.JPG 







My Attraction to Large Breasts

is Instinctive!"



Do girls like to have big boobs? - Quora


By Zulie Zane


I was thirteen the first time I was catcalled for having breasts. I developed early, much earlier than getting my first period. And from that moment on, despite my youthful face and obvious lack of sexual maturity, men felt obliged to comment on, stare at, and talk about my breasts.
“Straight men are just hardwired to find bigger breasts more attractive.”
This was a comment I got when I complained about men staring at my breasts with no sense of shame. It was aimed to excuse the men in question, to allow their behavior. And it wasn’t the only comment I got.
Why Do Men Love “breast” More Than Their “brains” – Lady - Romance - Nigeria
Over the years, there have been lots: dirty, smug, scathing comments about how men simply can’t resist looking at big honking bazonkers, and not only can they not resist, but biology is on their side for it.
There’s nothing I despise more than folks — usually straight cis men — using really bad human evolutionary psychology takes to defend their misogyny. You see it when men claim that women are naturally worse at science, better at nurturing, just hardwired to want kids. There’s just something so patronizing about this line of defense that sets my teeth on edge.
“I’m not sexist,” these men seem to say. “I’m not objectifying you on purpose. It’s just science.”
But the science they’re citing, in this case, is wrong. Let’s get into the various mistaken assumptions about breast size.

Bigger breasts have no reproductive value.


Let’s go basic biology for a minute. Traditionally, people are attracted to features that indicate the future of their potential offspring is strong. We like symmetrical features that signify healthy genes, smooth faces that indicate a lack of disease.
And one of the things these men seem to seize upon is the allegedly universal truth that bigger breasts mean a woman is more likely to be reproductively successful, and that’s why they’re so attracted to them.
The truth is that there is no evolutionary reason why men would prefer larger breasts. They’re not linked to higher fertility as a single trait, larger breasts don’t produce more milk for offspring, and if anything, larger breasts might signify that a woman is already pregnant which would count as a mark against her suitability as a mate.
Not only that but in terms of signaling reproductive readiness, they’re flawed at best. Many women develop breasts long before they’re fertile. Just as secondary sexual characteristics in men, like beards, aren’t universally attractive and don’t signify sexual virility or otherwise, breasts don’t either.

Breasts are not found universally attractive.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that many of the indications we take for attractiveness now are simply cultural. It’s not “hardwired” into us to find certain traits attractive, it’s drilled into us as a cultural preference.
Look at thinness, which is deemed a universally appealing trait. But the second you start to dig into any research that’s been done, you can see that women with higher BMIs tend to have more children, and children with higher birth weight, which would suggest that a higher BMI should be deemed sexually attractive. But it isn’t.
Look further afield and you’ll find one culture prefers “tubular” shaped women, instead of the traditional hourglass, whereas others prefer rounder figures because those signify a well-structured community that looks after its members.
In a 1951 study of 191 cultures, anthropologist Clellan Ford and ethologist Frank Beach reported that breasts were considered sexually important to men in 13 of those cultures. —Natalie Wolchover, via New Scientist
(I’ll leave aside the very worthy criticisms of BMI as a measurement for now.)
Nobody likes to talk about that, or about any of the other deviations of what people from different cultures find attractive because that contradicts popular perception of what people find attractive in society now. But big breasts are by no means something every culture deems sexually attractive.

Breast obsession is learned, not hardwired.

Here’s a pretty wild example: would you consider bound feet to be sexually desirable? Probably not — nowadays it’s viewed as a pretty controlling method which caused pain for the women it was inflicted upon.
And yet, until fairly recently, footbinding was sexually appealing. This wasn’t due to some strange hardwired preference. Smaller feet didn’t signify a greater reproductive potential. It was simply a cultural preference tied up with a whole lot of weird misogyny about women being helpless.
Additionally, women can learn to fetishize breasts. There’s no reproductive benefit to women preferring to look at breasts, and yet in selected cultures, women do. That’s not a coincidence — it’s a sign that this kind of attraction is nurture, not nature.
In the cultural view, men aren’t so much biologically drawn to breasts as trained from an early age to find them erotic. — Natalie Wolchover via Live Science

The problem with the breast fetish

Well, what’s all the fuss? Why does it matter that men aren’t really hardwired to be obsessed with breasts? It’s because of the cultural significance placed on breasts.
Women are simultaneously told to cover up and display their breasts. We’re revered and shamed for them. They cement our position in society as mothers, caregivers, nurturers, while simultaneously casting us as harlots, provocateurs, shameless whores. Breasts are demonized when out of the control of men and put on the holiest of thresholds when in their possession.
“[Ms. Yalom] found very little in the record to indicate how women have felt about their breasts: whether they took pleasure in them, the extent to which they chose to display their breasts or if they had any say in the debate over wet-nursing.” — Natalie Angier, via the New York Times
In the past thirty years, there has been so much research done on the alleged importance of the female body — breasts included — and what men find attractive. And there’s been an unsurprising dearth of research that runs contrary to popular cultural expectations.
For example, look at the traditional story we’re told of women being the childbearing mothers staying at home collecting berries while the menfolk were all off hunting mammoths.
It begs the question: Why aren’t strong women seen as more attractive, given that the stronger, bigger, and broader women would have been more capable of protecting their children should. Why is it petite, dainty, helpless, big-breasted, small-waisted women who claim public adoration?
There’s no research done on this for the same reason the breast fetish isn’t questioned, for the same reason that there is next to no scrutiny on the body shapes and sizes that women prefer: because for the history of science, academia has had a vested interest in protecting the dominant worldview that breasts and the women attached to them are there for the consumption and pleasure of men.
I encourage scientists and readers alike to question their deep-held beliefs about universal attraction and the “natural” preferences and skills reported for men and women. Look at how these have changed over time, between and within cultures. Closely examine your prejudice and be brave enough to question it in the books you read, the people you speak with, and the beliefs you hold. : Esther Price Assorted Milk Chocolates : Chocolate Assortments  And Samplers : Grocery & Gourmet Food



Esther Price, Dayton’s candy company founder: ‘I was thrilled every time I stirred a pan of candy’


Esther R. Rohman Price (1904-1994) - Find A Grave Memorial



Contact | Esther Price




What started out as candy made on a Dayton woman’s kitchen counter has turned into one of Dayton’s most iconic businesses,

Esther Price Fine Chocolates.


As a teenager in the early 1920s, Esther Rose Rohman had to make a tough decision — finish high school or take a job at Rike’s Department Store. She chose to go to work, and in her autobiography, “Chocolate Covered Cherries,” she wrote it was “the best thing that ever happened to me.”

That decision put her on the path to founding her own business, which is now a Dayton institution.


Esther Price Candies – Another Food Critic

“When I was transferred to the second floor at Rike’s, I took in fudge,” she wrote. “We went into the stockroom and I gave everybody a piece of candy. They all went crazy over it. Every time I got a chance, I made fudge because I loved the glory of everybody loving the fudge.”

Esther married Ralph Price in 1924, left her job at Rike’s and had twins. To help make ends meet for the young family, she made fudge to sell to former co-workers.

A head floorman at Rike’s caught sight of her fudge-stuffed shopping bags during one of her visits and told her she could only sell it from the store’s candy counter.


“All the girls that were waiting for me to come in with their pound of candy had to go down to the candy shop to get it,” Price wrote. “Rike’s doubled the price, and everybody had to pay that to get the pound of fudge that I had made for them. From that day on, Rike’s said they would buy candy from me.”


Esther Price Fine Chocolates Milk & Dark: Opera Creams & Caramel Pecans  Review - YouTube

Esther started production in a two-bedroom house on Fauver Avenue. She made candy at night, cutting and wrapping it in wax paper.

To grow her business, she packed the candy in bags, opened the windows so her neighbor could hear her sleeping twins if they woke, and walked 12 blocks to the streetcar that took her downtown. There she went door to door selling candy to banks and doctors’ offices.


Winters Bank, North Main St. 1959 | Dayton ohio, Street view, Hometown

Esther’s skill and business grew. She began experimenting with dipping fudge in chocolate and making smaller bite-sized pieces. She cooked on six hot plates in her kitchen, cooled candy in her basement and decorated candy Easter eggs on makeshift tables in the attic.

Children's Easter Basket | Esther Price

It was time to find a bigger location when neighbors complained to the city about traffic congestion due to the number of people buying candy from her living room.

In 1952, crowds came to sample and watch candy as it was hand-dipped at her new store on Wayne Avenue. Today there are four stores in Dayton and three in Cincinnati.


History of Esther Price Fine Chocolates in Dayton, Ohio

After more than 50 years of candy making, Price retired and sold the business in 1976.


Esther Price Candies – Another Food Critic

“It seemed as though it was something given to me that I had to use,” she wrote. “I was thrilled every time I stirred a pan of candy.”

Today the company makes 5,000 pounds of candy a day during its 30-week production period.


Home | Esther Price

The community is as “proud of Esther Price as they are of Mikesell’s or Marion’s Piazza — because we’ve been around for the long haul,” Dressman said. “We’ve kept the same flavor profiles and same taste. It’s always a joy to get a good tasting candy.”

Faith Bollard, production manager for Esther Price, said she thinks people love the candy because “they can taste we don’t shortcut anything.”


Chocolate Covered Potato Chips - Dark | Esther Price



51st Reunion ?





The Class of 1970

is planning










A 51st Reunion




The 50-year reunion

originally scheduled for

August 29, 2020, 

postponed due to Covid,

has been rescheduled for

August 28, 2021



A Friday golf outing,  Friday evening casual get-together, and a Saturday morning tour of Fairmont High School are still planned. Great venue, great buffet, cash bar, continuous playlist of late 60's hits, dance floor


August 27th 2021  6:00 PM


Eudora Brewing Company

3022 Wilmington Pike, Dayton


Eudora Brewing Company



August 28th 2021  6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Dayton Country Club
555 Kramer Road, Oakwood













EFT Tapping for treatment of anxiety, depression: How does it work?



Does not refer to

dancing taught by Rita Hoefler




Beginners Guide to Tap Dance - Progressive Dance Studio


Does not refer to induction into Fairmont West's

National Honor Society

Torch & Keystone


1962 National Honor Society Gold Filled Lapel Pin Keystone | Etsy | National  honor society, Honor society, Society


Tapping, also known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), is a powerful stress relief technique.

Tapping is based on the combined principles of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology.



Studies have shown that Tapping decreases cortisol (often called the stress hormone) in your body.


Chronic pain after trauma may depend on what stress gene variation you carry




The World Health Organization has announced that stress is the health epidemic of the 21st century.



EFT Tapping: Tuesdays | Unity of Tulsa-Midtown

This is because stress is linked to anxiety, weight gain, sleep problems, lack of motivation, chronic pain, stomach issues, and depression. Tapping is proven to reduce stress, lower cortisol, improve sleep, reduce anxiety, relieve pain, increase productivity, and so much more!



Best of all

Tapping is easy to learn and


Self-administered stress relief




Reminder sheet for EFT tapping points



The basic Tapping technique requires you to focus on a negative emotion at hand. This can be a fear, a worry, or any unresolved problem. While maintaining your mental focus on this issue, you use your fingertips to tap 5-7 times on 9 specific meridian points of the body

(more specific information on this below).

Tapping on meridian points sends a calming signal to the brain, letting your brain know it's safe to relax. So, for example, when you receive bad news from your boss or you begin to worry about future events, it triggers a part of your brain called the amygdala.


This part of the brain is responsible for triggering the stress response in our bodies, releasing stress-related hormones into the bloodstream. Also popularly known as the fight-or-flight response, it is the body's natural reaction to a perceived threat.

The amygdala's response is effective when you're faced with real-life danger but damaging when you want to feel calm and confident during a high-stakes meeting. And most of the time when this is happening in your body, you aren't experiencing the fight-or-flight (or freeze) response for the same reason that our ancestors did long ago were. There is no tiger in the woods, but the response in your body is still the same.

Tapping on these meridian points (the same used in acupressure) while you think about what is causing you stress helps your mind understand that you are not in any physical danger and it is safe to relax, reducing cortisol levels.



Tapping Therapy: Eliminate Fear, Anxiety & Achieve Your Goals | Jack  Canfield

Tapping gives you the opportunity to bring your life back into balance and reduce stress around your relationships, finances, weight, pain, fears, and so much more.



Eyebrow Point (EB)
Where the eyebrows begin, closest to the bridge of the nose.

Side of Eye (SE)
On the bone directly along the outside of either eye.

Under Eye (UE)
On the bone directly under either eye.

Under Nose (UN)
The area directly beneath the nose and above the upper lip.

Chin Point (CP)
This is the area just below your bottom lip and above the chin, right in the crease.

Collarbone Point (CB)
Starting from where your collar bones meet in the center, go down an inch and out an inch on either side.

Under Arm (UA)
On your side, about four inches beneath the armpit.

Top of Head (TH)
Directly on the crown of your head.


Use this link to go to the Tapping Solution

to learn by a 7 minute video


How to Tap


Here are some tips to help you achieve

the correct technique

You should use a firm but gentle pressure, the same as if you were drumming on the top of your desk or testing a melon for ripeness.

You can use all four fingers, or just the first two (the index and middle fingers). Four fingers are generally used on wider areas, while just two can be used on sensitive areas, such as around the eyes.

You can tap one side of the body or both at the same time. The meridian points are symmetrical on either side of the body.



The process uses a simple but precise pattern of tapping on 9 acupressure points of the body while you simultaneously imagine the object or experience that stimulates your phobic reaction.


It acts in much the same

way as a virus in a computer program by permanently interrupting the “program” or sequence of events that occur in the brain between the initial sighting of the thing you are afraid of and the physical response you experience.


When I came to California in 1982 I became interested in acupressure by buying


Acupressure's Potent Points: A Guide to Self-Care for Common Ailments


It offered a technique for free self-care


I attended a workshop taught

by the author to refine my technique

and have practiced ever since


Tapping is a variation of acupressure

that is simple to learn and use


Try it.







Old Fashioned


  Rike's - Kettering, OH. | Sean | Flickr


East Dorothy Lane @ Woodman Drive









Of Course

Kettering Never Will





We all know shopping habits have changed over the last year, but we wanted to know how they’ve changed. So we teamed up with Harris Poll to run an exclusive, nationally representative survey of 1,078 US adults. 

Mask off

Across activities, respondents did report a major shift toward digital during the pandemic:












But it turns out being very online isn’t for everyone. A plurality of respondents (43%) said they’ll mostly shop in-person once Covid restrictions are lifted. Just 24% said they’d mostly shop online, with 33% saying they’d do both equally. More post-pandemic plans below...

  • 77% of respondents are at least somewhat likely to shop at their local mall or department store. 
  • Less than half (47%) of respondents said they’re at least somewhat likely to use delivery apps post-pandemic. Though younger people reported a much higher willingness to keep the GrubHub and Uber Eats orders coming. 
  • More respondents (67%) plan to make big-ticket purchases IRL versus online (54%).

Big takeaway: It’s obvious that e-comm will remain a bigger part of everyday shopping than before. But Americans want to return to the physical realm too. 




The Oscars
Will Not Be Zoomed
Who will win the 2021 Oscars?
Sunday April 25th

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has released new details of the upcoming 2021 Oscars ceremony — including a request for all nominees to attend in person.

In a letter sent out to Oscar nominees on Thursday, producers for April's award show revealed those nominated will not have the option to Zoom into the live show.

"For those of you unable to attend because of scheduling or continued uneasiness about traveling, we want you to know there will not be an option to Zoom in for the show," producers Steven Soderbergh, Stacey Sher and Jesse Collins wrote.

The letter continued, "We are going to great lengths to provide a safe and ENJOYABLE evening for all of you in person, as well as for all the millions of film fans around the world, and we feel the virtual thing will diminish those efforts."


For those unable to attend, the Academy will accept the Oscar on behalf of the artist. 

The Academy's COVID protocol for the live show takes its roots in "treating the event as an active movie set, with specially designed testing cadences to ensure up-to-the-minute results, including an on-site COVID safety team with PCR testing capability."




Best Picture Nominees



Where to stream the 2021 best picture Oscar nominees -




Oscar Predictions 2021 - Nominees - YouTube




Oscars News & Videos - ABC News





Do You Remember?




Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows (1968), DVD -



Not Nominated

for any




Fairmont West's Mary Jo Begley

Class of 1968

won a role in this sequel after a competition

with 800 applicants.

Mary Jo spent over five weeks across the country, filming

in New Mexico and California

as the contest winner from Ohio



WHERE ANGELS GO TROUBLE FOLLOWS Original 3 Sheet Movie Poster Rosalind  Russell | Moviemem Original Movie Posters




Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows is a 1968 American comedy film directed by James Neilson and starring Rosalind Russell, Stella Stevens, Arthur Godfrey, Milton Berle, Van Johnson, Robert Taylor and Binnie Barnes. Written by Blanche Hanalis, the film is based on a story by Jane Trahey about an old-line Mother Superior who is challenged by a modern young nun when they take the girls of St. Francis Academy on a bus trip across the United States.




Movie Posters:Comedy, Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows (Columbia, 1968). One Sheet (27" X
41"), Lobby Card Set of 8 (11" X 14"), and Pressbook (8 ... (Total:
10 Items)


Released on April 10, 1968, Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows is a sequel to The Trouble with Angels (1966).




  The Trouble with Angels (1966) - IMDb





Russell, Mary Wickes, Binnie Barnes and Dolores Sutton all reprise their roles as nuns from the original film. Wickes would later don the habit yet again for her amusing turn in both Sister Act (1992) and the sequel, Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (1993).





1968 фото для прессы Мэри Джо Бегли Дейтона-cvp05244 | eBay




Check out

The Making of

"Where Angels Go...Trouble Follows"

which features the contest and has a few shots of Mary Jo as the Ohio winner

including one from the film




TCM's late Robert Osborne introducing

the film on TCM





The New York Times

April 11, 1968

Vincent Canby



IN predominantly Roman Catholic lands, there has always been a flourishing, if underground, trade in anticlerical fantasies. At their least unspeakable, these fantasies are simply blasphemous. Curiously, in this country, which has a heritage of Protestant Puritanism, Hollywood has developed its own flourishing trade in fantasies about the Catholic elergy. Ours may seem a good deal less offensive than the Latin variety, but they are. In their simple-minded, artificial way, no less a vulgarization of taste and a distortion of reality.

Such a film is "Where Angels Go-Trouble Follows!" Columbia's cute-as-a-button comedy about a swinging nun that opened here yesterday at neighborhood theaters. The film is a sequel to the company's 1966 "The Trouble With Angels," with Rosalind Russell, looking as pious and as lacquered as a religious figurine, repeating her role as the mother superior of a girls' parochial school.Considering the apparent success of the original film, to say nothing of the immense popularity of other fantasies about nuns who fly and sing, there is probably a large audience waiting to be gulled into somnambulistic complacency by these new slapsticky and sentimental antics.

"Where Angels Go" takes the capped toothed, Clairol-rinsed nymphets of St. Francis Academy on a bus trip from Pennsylvania to California to attend some sort of interfaith youth rally. On this frame are stretched out the mostly predictable and sometimes embarrassing misadventures of the nymphets and their keepers—flat tires, running out of gas, a night at a boys' school and a showdown with three cycle-riding Hell's Angels.Slightly below the surface—about a half an inch—the film presents a confrontation between the old church, represented by Miss Russell's conservative mother superior, and the new, represented by Stella Stevens, a young sister who believes nuns should be able to demonstrate for peace (not too specifically, though), and wear short skirts. Miss Stevens, one of Hollywood's busiest, most buxom starlets, somehow suggests a new kind of ecumenism.

Because the confrontation is a fake one between nonissues, the film must rely on the inventiveness of its comic situations and on the appeal of its players. The comedy, however, is strictly up-dated "Junior Miss," and the performances right out of Hollywood stock, particularly those by Miss Russell, Binnie Barnes and Mary Wickes, as the teachers, and by Susan Saint James and Barbara Hunter, as two mischevious students. Seen briefly in cameo roles are Arthur Godfrey, Milton Berle, Van Johnson and Robert Taylor. They just look old. Out of mufti, Miss Stevens is earnest, but—and this is really some kind of negative accomplishment—oddly tomboyish.

Blanche Hanalis wrote the original screenplay, using the characters created by Jane Trahey, who wrote "The Trouble With Angels." James Neilson, a Walt Disney graduate ("Bon Voyage," etc.), directed. One just wonders what Luis Bunuel, with his Latin Catholic background, might have done with the same material.



Rotten Tomatoes

59% Audience Score



$8.50 DVD

$4.95 VHS


88% rating (469 reviews)







Setting aside its impact on popular culture and the Austrian tourist industry, The Sound of Music was also responsible for bringing nuns – an admittedly small sub-genre – back into fashion.

Of course, there had been some big hitters getting into the box office habit in the past, most notably The Bells of St Mary’s (1945) with Ingrid Bergman, Deborah Kerr in Black Narcissus (1947), Loretta Young in Come to the Stable (1949), Kerr again in a rather more resourceful mode opposite Robert Mitchum in war drama Heaven Knows, Mr Allison (1957) and Audrey Hepburn in The Nun’s Story (1958). All four actresses (Kerr in the second outing) were Oscar-nominated. But none of the films ushered in a rush of wannabes.

The Sound of Music was viewed as directly responsible for putting nine projects on the starting grid. Leading the charge was Debbie Reynolds as The Singing Nun (1966), MGM’s biopic of the Belgian sister Dominique whose records topped the charts. Columbia chipped in with The Trouble with Angels (1966), directed by Ida Lupino and headlining Rosalind Russell and Hayley Mills, which spawned a sequel also with Russell Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows (1968).





Referenced in 

Title referenced during Weekend Update

Crow: Miles O'Keefe will be back in Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows.

Crow: "Where Angels Go Trouble Follows!"

Crow mentions the film by name.





"The King









Clark Gable 1931 Photograph by Daniel Hagerman




Clark Gable








Clark Gable Net Worth | Celebrity Net Worth







  What is a buckeye? | OSU Bio Museum










Clark Gable 8 x 10 Photo Devastatingly Handsome Smile Showing Dimple kn at  Amazon's Entertainment Collectibles Store









Clark Gable Museum to celebrate star's birthday - News - Times Reporter -  New Philadelphia, OH 





William Clark Gable


was born on February 1, 1901






Best Places to Live in Cadiz, Ohio


in Cadiz in East Central Ohio













  Clark Gable Museum & Foundation of Cadiz - 2021 All You Need to Know BEFORE  You Go (with Photos) - Tripadvisor








Cadiz, Ohio Home of Clark Gable | Cadiz ohio, Vacations to go, Cadiz









Tiny Cadiz, Ohio, celebrates famous son Clark Gable, 75th anniversary of  'Gone With the Wind' -





to William Henry "Will" Gable (1870–1948), an oil-well driller, and his wife Adeline. His father was a Protestant and his mother a Catholic. Gable was named William after his father, but he was almost always called Clark, and referred to as "the kid" by his father. 1 Due to the doctor's illegible handwriting, he was mistakenly listed as male and female in the county register; the clerk later corrected it to male. He had Pennsylvania Dutch, Belgian, and German ancestry. Gable was six months old when he was baptized at a Roman Catholic church in Dennison, Ohio. When he was ten months old, his mother died. His father refused to raise him in the Catholic faith, which provoked criticism from the Hershelman family. The dispute was resolved when his father agreed to allow him to spend time with his maternal uncle Charles Hershelman and his wife on their farm in Vernon Township, Pennsylvania. In April 1903, Gable's father married Jennie Dunlap (1874–1920).

Gable's stepmother raised the tall, shy child with a loud voice to be well-dressed and well-groomed. She played the piano and gave him lessons at home. He later took up brass instruments, becoming the only boy in the nearby Hopedale Men's town band at age 13. Gable was mechanically inclined and loved to repair cars with his father, who insisted that he engage in masculine activities such as hunting and hard physical work. Gable also loved literature; he would recite Shakespeare among trusted company, particularly the sonnets.


Until he graduated from high school, Billy had no thought of becoming an actor but this changed after a vist to the theater when he was seventeen to see the play ‘Bird of Paradise.’


His father had financial difficulties in 1917 and decided to try his hand at farming, and moved the family to Palmyra Township, near Akron, Ohio. His father insisted that he work the farm, but Gable soon left to work in Akron for the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company.


He had roles in more than 60 motion pictures in multiple genres during a career that lasted 37 years, three decades of which was as a leading man. Gable died of a heart attack; his final on screen appearance was of an aging cowboy in The Misfits, released posthumously in 1961.





Clark Gable – ES Updates




Clark Gable’s image, even 50 years after his death, is still that of the handsome romantic, the rogueish charmer, a Rhett Butler sweeping beautiful women off their feet. The reality of Gable’s life is somewhat less romantic.

He was certainly a womaniser, a serial seducer and philanderer, and he ruthlessly used his attractivenness to women, particularly older women who held powerful positions in Broadway and Hollywood, to make his way to the top. He was a toyboy before the name had been coined.




The Life and Many Loves of Clark Gable - ReelRundown - Entertainment





Once established as a star he continued his womanising ways. With Loretta Young he fathered an illegitimate child whom he never acknowledged, and even when married to his soulmate, Carole Lombard he conducted an affair with Lana Turner.







Did date rape lead to daughter for Loretta Young, Clark Gable? - The San  Diego Union-Tribune 






1942 LANA TURNER & CLARK GABLE in HONKY TONK Photo (198-j) | eBay






7 Sept. 1954: Betrayed - Lana Turner




The sudden, tragic death of Carole Lombard in an air crash traumatised him and pushed him into the arms of a host of other women in a desperate search to recreate the happiness he had known with Carole.









Inside Clark Gable And Carole Lombard's Love Story












Josephine Dillon    1924-1930

Maria Langham      1931-1939

Carole Lombard     1939-1942

Sylvia Ashley          1949-1952

Kay Williams           1955-1960




















Clark Gable






Clark Gable | The Bizarre Eating Habits of 15 Stars | Purple Clover








21 Classic Hollywood Stars And Their Contemporary Counterparts – Celebrity  Dirt - Page 4










Clark Gable ** I think this oculd be a picture of George Clooney! What a  resemblance! | Attori, Registi, Attrici








George Clooney as Clark Gable | George clooney, Handsome men, Good cigars










Clark Gable and Carole Lombard's House in California | Architectural Digest







Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Bob Hope and David Niven at the 1958 Academy  Awards | Cary grant, Movie stars, Classic hollywood









Clark Gable Height - How tall








Clark Gable, Hollywood Legend" Throw Pillow by SerpentFilms | Redbubble











Clark Gable on set. | Movie stars, Old hollywood stars, Classic movie stars








Clark Gable poses with his best actor Oscar for "It Happened One Night" at  the Oscar ceremony on Feb. 27, 1935 | Best actor oscar, Classic hollywood,  Best actor










Clark Gable San Francisco Vintage Classic Movie Promotional Poster Metal  Print by Design Turnpike









490 Clark Gable. What a hunk! ideas | clark gable, classic hollywood,  carole lombard clark gable











Clark Gable and Elizabeth Taylor | Elizabeth taylor, Clark gable, Movie  stars










Hot Guys With Guns: Clark Gable - Lisa Pietsch









Red Dust (1932 film) - Wikipedia



















Texas has one of the most restrictive medical marijuana laws in the country, with sales allowed only by prescription for a handful of conditions.

That hasn’t stopped Lukas Gilkey, chief executive of Hometown Hero CBD, based in Austin, Texas. His company sells joints, blunts, gummy bears, vaping devices and tinctures that offer a recreational high. In fact, business is booming online as well, where he sells to many people in other states with strict marijuana laws.

But Mr. Gilkey says that he is no outlaw, and that he’s not selling marijuana, just a close relation. He’s offering products with a chemical compound — Delta-8-THC — extracted from hemp. It is only slightly chemically different from Delta 9, which is the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

And that small distinction, it turns out, may make a big difference in the eyes of the law. Under federal law, psychoactive Delta 9 is explicitly outlawed. But Delta-8-THC from hemp is not, a loophole that some entrepreneurs say allows them to sell it in many states where hemp possession is legal. The number of customers “coming into Delta 8 is staggering,” Mr. Gilkey said.

“You have a drug that essentially gets you high, but is fully legal,” he added. “The whole thing is comical.”

The rise of Delta 8 is a case study in how industrious cannabis entrepreneurs are pulling apart hemp and marijuana to create myriad new product lines with different marketing angles. They are building brands from a variety of potencies, flavors and strains of THC, the intoxicating substance in cannabis, and of CBD, the nonintoxicating compound that is often sold as a health product.

With Delta 8, entrepreneurs also believe they have found a way to take advantage of the country’s fractured and convoluted laws on recreational marijuana use. It’s not quite that simple, though. Federal agencies, including the Drug Enforcement Administration, are still considering their options for enforcement and regulation.

“Dealing in any way with Delta-8 THC is not without significant legal risk,” said Alex Buscher, a Colorado lawyer who specializes in cannabis law.







Still, experts in the cannabis industry said Delta 8 sales had indeed exploded. Delta 8 is “the fastest growing segment” of products derived from hemp, said Ian Laird, chief financial officer of New Leaf Data Services, which tracks the hemp and cannabis markets. He estimated consumer sales of at least $10 million, adding, “Delta 8 has really come out of nowhere over the past year.”

Marijuana and hemp are essentially the same plant, but marijuana has higher concentrations of Delta-9 THC — and, as a source of intoxication, it has been a main focus of entrepreneurs, as well as state and federal lawmakers. Delta 8, if discussed at all, was an esoteric, less potent byproduct of both plants.

Precisely what kind of high Delta 8 produces depends on whom you ask. Some think of it as “marijuana light,” while others “are pitching it as pain relief with less psychoactivity,” said David Downs, senior content editor for, a popular source of news and information about cannabis.





Either way, Delta 8 has become “extremely ascendant,” Mr. Downs said, reflecting what he calls “prohibition downfall interregnum,” where consumer demand and entrepreneurial activity are exploiting the holes in rapidly evolving and fractured law.

Mr. Gilkey said he had paid upward of $50,000 in legal fees to make sure that he will not run afoul of the law. A veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, Mr. Gilkey worked in a counternarcotics unit on boats out of San Diego. He “saw some really tough stuff,” he said, and “wasn’t happy about the war on drugs.”

He wound up running a business in Austin that sold e-liquid for vaping devices. Then in 2019, he started his current business focused on selling CBD. Late last spring, he said, he started getting calls from customers about Delta 8.

“I said, please explain to me what that is,” he recalled. Mr. Gilkey, whose company supplies other retail shops around the country with products, saw a huge opportunity. After checking with the lawyers, he started full-scale packaging gummies and vape pens and other products using Delta 8 he said he got from a major hemp supplier.

“It’s about to go mainstream,” he said. And it’s just the beginning


. “There’s a Delta 10 in the works.”






Image result for WING 1410



Kettering's Own


Image result for WING 1410





DJ Steve Kirk


Image result for WING 1410 Dayton OH




   Image result for WING 1410



Image result for "The Lonesome Gal"












Image result for parasocial relationships







If the isolation of the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s just how much we rely on our relationships to get through the day. Locked down with only FaceTime and fantasy to get us through, the boundaries between connections “real” and imagined are increasingly non-existent. So don’t fret if all that screen time has made the gang in Friends start to feel a lot like a gang of your actual friends; you’ve just crossed into the realm of the parasocial—a parallel world where one-way connections with celebrities or fictional characters have all the intensity of a reciprocal relationship.


These bonds, while first formally articulated in 1956, have existed wherever humans have been able to create “intimacy at a distance.” Recent research reveals parasocial relationships can shape everything from what we buy and who we vote for to how we feel on a daily basis. It’s no illusion.







Parasocial relationships.  Dangerous or beneficial?





By the digits

$2,500: Cost of a personalized video message from Caitlyn Jenner on Cameo as of 2020

129.2 million: People who follow former US president Barack Obama on Twitter, the most followed account on the platform

81%: Increase in the average number of Tweets sent by members of the US Congress, between 2016 and 2020

435,000: Peak viewers on US congressperson Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Twitch debut, one of the biggest debuts on the platform

21 months: Age by which children begin to learn best from onscreen characters they’ve formed bonds with over time

90%: Young adults who say they’ve had a “strong” attraction to a celebrity








On the same wavelength

In 1956, social scientists Donald Horton and R. Richard Wohl published their research on an intriguing phenomenon in mass communications: “para-social interaction,” or the viewer’s “illusion of a face-to-face relationship with the performer.”

Radio, TV, books, and movies could all create this “intimacy at a distance,” but the authors noted certain individual performers proved better at eliciting this bond than others.



Horton and Wohl, for example, spent a lot of time writing about their own apparent paramour, “The Lonesome Gal,” a nightly broadcast from a girl “without a name or a history” who monologued in a “throaty, unctuous voice” at the “lover” listening on the other end.

“The Lonesome Gal was inundated with thousands of letters tendering proposals of marriage,” Horton and Wohl wrote, “the writers respectfully assuring her that she was indeed the woman for whom they had been vainly searching all their lives.”






Image result for "The Lonesome Gal" 





Image result for "The Lonesome Gal"




Looking to form a parasocial bond? May we suggest Twitch, the livestreaming service, which has traditionally connected popular gamers to millions of viewers. As the game (or tarot reading or livestream of raccoons eating) advances, fans can chat in real time, and streamers often engage directly with their commenters, fostering a sense of community—between the streamer and their fans, and among the streamers’ fans—over time.



Image result for parasocial relationships


Brief history

~535 BCE: Thespis, an ancient Greek, takes the stage to speak as his character, instead of himself, becoming the world’s first recorded actor.

1844 CE: German critic Heinrich Heine dubs the fan frenzy over Hungarian composer Franz Liszt “Lisztomania,” which would inspire the name “Beatlemania” more than a century later.

1903: The first known usage of the word “fandom,” per Merriam-Webster.

1933: President Franklin Roosevelt begins to give his signature radio addresses, the Fireside Chats, on matters of national importance.

1956: Social scientists Horton and Wohl coin the phrase “para-social interaction.”

1962: “Uncle” Walter Cronkite, for decades known as “the most trusted man in America,” takes the anchorman’s seat on CBS’ “Evening News.”

1981: John Hinckley, Jr. shoots US president Ronald Reagan in an attempt to impress actress Jodie Foster.

2000: Eminem’s song “Stan” drops, subsequently giving rise to the slang “stan” for a super-devoted fan, though the song paints a rather unflattering picture.

2011: Twitch, the live streaming service, launches in the United States.

2020: In one of a number of successive political acts, K-pop stans prank US president Donald Trump, claiming thousands of tickets for a rally in Oklahoma, and then leaving the seats empty.



Para-social media

The latest developments in mass communications are taking the “para” out of parasocial relationships. Platforms from Twitter and Instagram to Cameo and OnlyFans now allow celebrities to interact with their audiences directly—turning this “intimacy at a distance” into something of a two-way street.

Perhaps no modern American celebrity plays this game better than Taylor Swift. In addition to her mass communications on her favorite social media platforms, Swift is known for directly commenting on her fans’ Tumblrs, inviting hundreds of them to her home for listening parties, and sometimes sending them Christmas gifts.





Image result for Taylor Swift social media



These are life-changing moments for fans. But for Swift, it’s just good business: The star uses parasocial media “to oversee and control the online conversation about [her music] and her fandom,” writes Sarah White, a communications studies student at California State University, Sacramento, in her graduate thesis.









Late Larry Flynt

Got His Start in Dayton






Image result for Larry Flynt





Larry Flynt, the tenacious, controversial and free-thinking entrepreneur and self-described hillbilly who took a string of strip clubs and built them into Hustler, one of the world's most successful sex-based brands, has died. He was 78.



As dreams go, Larry Flynt’s was a modest one.


It went something like this: Buy a bar. Put some plywood over the pool table. Hire a young woman in a bikini to dance on it.


Nothing fancy. No delusions of respectability. Just a safe bet that the world was full of men willing to pay cash to drink cheap beer and look at pretty dancers. This was Flynt’s business model when he opened the Hustler Cocktail Lounge in early 1968 in Dayton, Ohio.

“When I started out, I just wanted to make money and have a lot of fun,” Flynt said. “That was basically my vision.”

Flynt came from Bible-belt Salyersville, Ky., and his beginnings in Dayton mirrored those of thousands of other Appalachians who came here in search of work. He washed dishes in a restaurant before landing a job on the production line of General Motors Corp.’s Inland Division.

“He worked a lot of overtime and he saved up $1,800 and bought his first bar,” recalled Richard Mantia, a former business partner with Flynt and owner of Dominic’s Restaurant at 1066 S. Main St.







Whether You Like It or Not…Another Dayton Innovator: Larry Flynt

"Larry Flynt in his plush Columbus Office, June 1976." Photo by Peterson

“Larry Flynt in his plush Columbus Office, June 1976.” Photo by Peterson



                                                               Image result for Larry Flynt pennies

In October, Lisa Flynt, the daughter of Hustler Magazine owner and one-time Dayton entrepreneur, Larry Flynt, died as a result of injuries sustained in a Riverside, OH, automobile accident. Her death here revealed the deep connection the Flynt family has not only to the Miami Valley, but also Central and Southwestern Ohio. The material in bloc quotes below is taken from Flynt’s autobiography, An Unseemly Man: My Life as a Pornographer, Pundit, and Social Outcast.

Though he and his family were from Kentucky, Flynt’s parents divorced and his mother remarried, and eventually moved to Dayton. She began operating a bar called the Keewee Club in the 500 block of Milburn Aveune.  After a stint in the Navy, Larry moved here in 1962 and by 1965 had taken over operation of the Keewee from his mother.

He later changed the name of the bar to Larry’s Hillbilly Haven. Intent on catering to working-class patrons, it featured typical “backyard” mainstays and activities, like horseshoes and picnic tables. Flynt also found solace in the Appalachian roots of many of the Keewee’s patrons.

 Customers I knew best, of course, were working-class people like myself, especially hillbillies. There were a lot of hillbillies in Dayton, and the Keewee was located in the middle of a neighborhood where all the hicks were living. Everyone was from Kentucky, Tennessee or West Virginia.

Flynt grew tired of the less than savory clientele his bars attracted and decided he would open an upscale establishment. Capitalizing on the “go-go” club craze of the mid-60s, he created the Hustler Cocktail Lounge, which would eventually beget the magazine.

Shortly after I opened the Hustler Club, I got a call from my bank in Dayton. I had borrowed a little money to do the remodeling and the bank wanted me to repay it. We had a disagreement about whether the note was due. The guy on the phone annoyed me…I thought he was wrong. I had the money. It wasn’t that I couldn’t’ pay; it was the principle of the thing. In a flash of inspiration I decided to pay off the bank and get some publicity for the club at the same time. I had an employee go out…and purchase wheelbarrows. At the same time, several other employees were making the rounds to different banks all over town, buying rolls of pennies enough to pay off the whole debt. The next day I led a procession along the sidewalks of downtown Dayton to the bank. Go-go girls, in costume, pushed the wheelbarrows through the front doors into the lobby and dumped the pennies on the floor. The Dayton Daily News sent a photographer. The story was picked up by the wire service, and the next day pictures of the girls were in papers all over the country. The bank took it in good spirits, although it did strain its dignity a little.




Image result for Larry Flynt pennies



America’s first Hustler Club. The Hustler Cocktail Lounge, 215 N. Main St., Dayton, Ohio, August 1973. File photo


America’s first Hustler Club


The Hustler Cocktail Lounge


215 North Main Street Dayton, Ohio

August, 1973







Soon Flynt expanded by opening a series of Hustler Clubs across Ohio and eventually found himself in the publishing business.I decided to send a monthly newsletter to [Hustler Club] members…in March 1972… It was an innocuous looking black and white, single-fold, four page bulletin with short articles on some of the go-go dancers and a couple of feature stories. It wasn’t much but it was a start. I got several calls from customers urging me to…expand it. I took their advice.  I…shortened the name to Hustler [and] in February 1973 I expanded to twenty-four pages. The little newsletter had grown into a small magazine.


Dayton Daily News advertisement in 1969.



Hustler magazine became a huge success and for a brief time was printed here in Dayton at McCall-Dayton Press. Though I cannot confirm this, I have read on some Dayton history websites that the magazine was printed at the Dayton facility until some of the employees complained about the content of the magazine and Flynt had the production moved elsewhere.

Leaving Dayton, Flynt later moved his Hustler headquarters to Columbus. In Columbus, he purchased a house in the Bexley neighborhood. Eventually, as the Hustler empire grew, the headquarters again moved to Los Angeles.



One night in 1968, Flynt loaded up his new Cadillac with dancers and sent them to a Young Democrats meeting in Dayton.

When the dancers arrived in tights and bikini tops, the Young Democrats refused to let them in. A photographer snapped a picture of the young women trying to pull the door open while a Young Democrat desperately clung to the door, as if fending off half-naked zombies.

Flynt got a headline in the next day’s newspaper:





In January 1972, Flynt created the Hustler Newsletter, a two-page, black-and-white publication about his clubs. This item became so popular with his customers that by May 1972, he expanded the Hustler Newsletter to 16 pages, then to 32 pages in August 1973. As a result of the 1973 oil crisis, the American economy entered recession. Revenues of Hustler Clubs declined, and Flynt had to refinance his debts or declare bankruptcy. He decided to turn the Hustler Newsletter into a sexually explicit magazine with national distribution. He paid the start-up costs of the new magazine by deferring payment of sales taxes his clubs owed on their activities.




Image result for Hustler magazine 60s




In July 1974, Flynt first published Hustler as a step forward from the Hustler Newsletter, which was advertising for his businesses. The magazine struggled for the first year, partly because many distributors and wholesalers refused to handle it as its nude photos became increasingly graphic. It targeted working-class men and grew from a shaky start to a peak circulation of around three million. The publication of nude paparazzi pictures of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in August 1975 was a major coup. Hustler has often featured more explicit photographs than comparable magazines and has contained depictions of women that some find demeaning, such as a naked woman in a meat grinder or presented as a dog on a leash – though Flynt later said that the meat grinder image was a criticism of the pornography industry itself.





Image result for Hustler magazine Jackie O



Beverly Hills Headquarters








Image result for Larry Flynt 



Flynt’s life and historic court case served as the basis for the 1996 film The People vs. Larry Flynt, which garnered Oscar nominations for director Miloš Forman and a Best Actor nomination for Woody Harrelson for his portrayal of Flynt. Flynt also dabbled in politics, briefly running for president in 1984 and running for governor of California in the 2003 recall election. Flynt has been married five times, and is survived by his wife, Elizabeth Berrios, and six children.



31 -9



Image result for touchdown 2021 Super Bowl




Tampa Bucs Win!


Image result for 31-9 Super Bowl 2021



This is how to lose a Super Bowl


Image result for 31-9 Super Bowl 2021




No scoring in the dull 4th Quarter


Image result for napping at Super Bowl 2021







Halftime Show






Image result for weeknd super bowl





Some fun








Image result for Tide ad Jason Alexander Super Bowl 2021



Amazon Alexa


Image result for Alex Jordan Super Bowl 2021




Doritos 3D


Image result for Flat Matt Super Bowl 2021






Paramount Plus


  Image result for Paramount Plus Super Bowl 2021





Most ads were better than the tired TV ads

we endure daily







Image result for enbril ad 











Medicare Coverage Helpline













Image result for Ku Klux Klan






Image result for Ku Klux Klan



Dayton is home to one of the 25 remaining Ku Klux Klan groups in the country as KKK membership has plummeted over the past decade, according to a new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center.


The KKK-affiliated White Christian Brotherhood in Dayton is listed as one of 21 hate groups in Ohio in the law center’s annual report on hate groups released this week. It is the only Klan group in Ohio.



Image result for Ku Klux Klan


The KKK is one of the nation’s most notorious white supremacist organizations, and its decline over the past decade has impacted the overall number of hate groups the SPLC tracks. Last year’s report identified 47 KKK groups — including three in Ohio — and noted numbers had steadily declined from 190 in 2015.


“A major reason for this is that the Klan’s name has become extremely toxic — if you are a Klan member and your employer finds out, for instance, you are all but guaranteed to be fired. Unfortunately, those declining numbers do not reflect a parallel reduction in support for their ideas,” the new report says.

While the number of hate groups tracked by the law center declined, it says hate did not. The SPLC says that work was picked up by groups such as the Proud Boys, who vandalized historically Black churches in Washington D.C. The Proud Boys have a presence in Columbus and Canton, the report says. And many people aren’t members of an organized group, but spread hateful ideologies online.






Bill Sandlin, founder and “imperial wizard” of the White Christian Brotherhood KKK group in Dayton, says the group was formed about two years ago and has a half-dozen members locally.



Photo of Bill Sandlin, imperial wizard of the KKK-affiliated White Christian Brotherhood, posted on a social media account.







Image result for pickleball




Image result for pickleball court






Image result for pickleball logo

is apparently sweeping the nation

It's a game people our age can play



Image result for pickleball logo




Pickleball is a paddleball sport (similar to a racquet sport) that combines elements of badminton, table tennis, and tennis. Two or four players use solid paddles made of wood or composite materials to hit a perforated polymer ball, much like a wiffle ball, with 26-40 round holes, over a net. The sport shares features of other racquet sports: the dimensions and layout of a badminton court, and a net and rules somewhat similar to tennis, with several modifications. Pickleball was invented in the mid 1960s as a children's backyard game. Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. The spread of the sport is attributed to its popularity within community centers, physical education classes, public parks, private health clubs, YMCA facilities and retirement communities. There are multiple tournaments played each year both within the United States: The U.S Pickleball National Championships and U.S Open Pickleball Championships as well as numerous international championships.









The game started during the summer of 1965 on Bainbridge Island, Washington, at the home of Joel Pritchard, who later served in Congress and as lieutenant governor. He and two of his friends, Bill Bell and Barney McCallum, returned from golf and found their families bored one Saturday afternoon. They attempted to set up badminton, but no one could find the shuttlecock. They improvised with a perforated plastic ball, lowered the badminton net, and fabricated paddles of plywood from a nearby shed.



Image result for pickleball




Mel Hill is a player and proponent

You may sign up to play him at his home court in Clovis, California






DVR for









Running up the score - Wikipedia








Maybe a defensive game

or a blowout





Super Bowl television ratings - Wikipedia





Bet $10, Win $100 if either the Chiefs or Buccaneers Score at FOX Bet







Maybe a few ads will be entertaining











Maybe Not





30 Super Bowl Memes for Those of Us Who Were Forced to Sit Through the Game






Still, might be a Great One





Super Bowl LV live stream 2021: how to watch Chiefs vs Buccaneers online  from anywhere | TechRadar





Raymond James Stadium

Tampa, Florida





Broncos sending four local vaccinated healthcare professionals to Super Bowl  LV








No ads from these three regulars




Super Bowl 2021: Why brands like Coke, Budweiser and Pepsi are benching  their stars from in-game commercials this year - MarketWatch








Super Bowl Snackadium: The Ultimate Big Game Spread — Grillocracy





The Super Bowl means many marketers will create live, timely content this week. But in the eleventh hour, Bowl creativity could run dry. 

That’s why we’re sharing the following stats from Roku on what your audience might be snacking on during the game. Bookmark this article for content inspo when you’re fresh out of football jokes late Sunday night.

What: 24% of Roku users are likely to order takeout from a third-party app during the game. Plus, 82% of Roku users have heard of Grubhub and DoorDash, and 78% have heard of Uber Eats.

Who: Football fans between the ages of 25 and 34 represent 44% of those likely to order Seamless for a single slice of pizza. 

When: Roku predicts Super Bowl LV’s audience will consume the following snicky snacks—chips and dip (71%), chicken wings (63%), and pizza (48%). 

+1 for restaurant marketers: According to Gaurav Shirole, director of ad measurement at Roku, “Food and restaurant marketers should consider ramping up awareness…like through a QR code experience to unlock a delivery promotion, or use omnichannel strategies ahead of game day to ensure homebound and hungry streamers know their order options.”





The Best Super Bowl Snack Stadiums Ever » TwistedSifter






What will you eat?





The Most Popular Super Bowl Food in Every State - LifeSavvy




Super Bowl 2021: Who's playing, who's performing and more




 Super Bowl 55

prop bets 



All betting lines via BetMGM Sportsbook unless otherwise noted. 

► Coin Toss: Heads (-105)/Tails(-105)*

► What will be said first? COVID (-500)/Pandemic (+300) 

► Color of liquid poured on winning coach? Orange (+125), Red/pink (+300), Yellow/green/lime (+400), purple +600, clear +600, Blue +700* 

► How many times will Bill Belichick be mentioned? More than once (-175), less than once (+135)* 

► How many commercials will have a dog in it? Over 4.5 (-250), Under 4.5 (+170)^

► Coach to have nostrils seen first during game: Andy Reid +150, Bruce Arians -250^

► How many times will Gisele Bünchden be shown: Over 1.5 (-250), Under 1.5 (+170)^ 

► Primary color of Patrick Mahomes' headband: Red -400, Black +210, Gray (+600), White (+600)^ 

► Chiefs first touchdown scorer: Tyreek Hill +320), Travis Kelce +350), Clyde Edwards-Helaire +750, Mecole Hardman +1100, Sammy Watkins +1200, Patrick Mahomes +1200, Le'Veon Bell +1600

► Buccaneers first touchdown scorer: Mike Evans +400, Leonard Fournette +600, Chris Godwin +600, Antonio Brown +700, Ronald Jones II +750, Rob Gronkowski +900, Scottie Miller +1400, Cameron Brate +1600

► Tom Brady longest completion: Over (-125)/under (+100) 38.5 yards

► Patrick Mahomes longest completion: Over (-115)/under (-105) 39.5 yards

► Tyreek Hill longest reception: Over (-125)/under (+105) 26.5 yards

► Player to make first reception: Kelce +450, Hill +600, Godwin +650, Evans +800, Brown +900, Watkins +1100, Fournette +1200, Gronkowski +1200, Hardman +1600

► Player to make an interception: Tyrann Mathieu +230, Daniel Sorensen +400, L'Jarius Sneed +450, Bashaun Breeland +450

► Player to record 50+ rushing yards: Fournette -110, Jones II +210, Darrel Williams +225, Edwards-Helaire +400, Mahomes +600, Brady +25000

► Player to record 100+ receiving yards: Kelce -105, Hill +125, Godwin +220, Evans +325, Brown +750, Watkins +900, Hardman +1200, Gronkowski +1400

► Tom Brady outcome of first pass: Complete -200, Incomplete/Sack +175, Interception +1800




Going to a

Super Bowl party?




Although the United States continues to struggle with the coronavirus pandemic, Super Bowl parties will still be a destination for a significant segment of the population.

One-fourth of Americans in a recent Seton Hall Sports Poll indicated that they intend to gather with people from outside their households for Super Bowl LV between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Feb. 7.


However, 64 percent of adults said they would not attend a party, and 11 percent were uncertain. The poll of 1,522 adults was conducted Jan. 22-25 and has a margin of error of plus- or minus-3.2 percentage points.








Ohio State vs Alabama: CFP National Championship Prediction, Preview




After the Clemson


The Buckeyes





Incredible coverage:


  ESPN's MegaCast Returns with 14 Presentations for College Football Playoff  National Championship on Monday, Jan. 11 - ESPN Press Room U.S.





The Buckeyes


have done it before



Ohio State wins college football's national championship - CBS News











  Ohio State football Twitter buried Clemson with savage memes after Sugar  Bowl



Underdogs  Again



Fields' day: No. 3 Ohio State routs No. 2 Clemson 49-28 in Sugar Bowl





Ohio State handles Clemson in college football semifinal at Sugar Bowl













We have encountered

some problems

early in 2021



One Of The Most Shocking Pics From US Capitol Siege By Pro-Donald Trump Mob












"We believe it


will be a great year


for the Class of '69!"





































































 Hills and Dales












Witch's Tower




Lookout Tower







Stone Tower




Frankenstein's Castle




Monkey Tower












Soon after Lookout Tower in Hills & Dales Park was completed it was featured in the Dayton Journal Herald on Feb. 16, 1941.





Christmas 1968















  Cheer Friday!



Since the introduction of cheerleading in the late 1800s and the founding of the National Cheerleading Association in 1948, cheerleading has evolved into an essential component of athletic departments.





28078B-CHEER Clip Art - Get Started At ThatShirt!




Nearly 4 million Americans from elementary school through college participate in cheerleading each year, according to the New York Post.






Pizzazz 2 Color Plastic Cheerleaders Poms - Purple White | HIT A Double









Fairmont West H.S. Cheerleaders, 1963 (Fairmont_03) | Out of the Box 1963








First yearbook appearance by

Fairmont  Cheerleaders



How Truman defied the odds in 1948




































































































































































































































































 Purple Cheerleader Buttons Pins: Clothing














Kritne Fashionable Cheerleader Pom Poms Sports Party Dance Accessories ( purple) - -





You think

I have a






















Sure, I do.











Finding gratitude









After two years of this website

I wanted to make it clear










I appreciate you











  I Appreciate You": What It Means & Why It's Important to Me - Pat Flynn












Kathryn Banks (Knight)
Judy Bleicher (Showalter)
Richard Boulter
Brad Buettin
Bruce Byington
Dave Chambers
Valerie Cotter (Woodley)
Sandy Coulles (Sherman)
Vicki Crumrine (Petkewicz)
Ellen Cushner (Knickle)
Bob Day
Richard Dormitzer
Rebecca Fisher (Hardcastle Wright)
David Frederick
Ceil Heitman (Rike)
Barb Hickey (Leis)
Jack Horrell
Gary Hutton
Kim Irelan (Alberts)
Michael Jones
Steve Kisling
Lynn Kohler (Rockhold)
Joyce Levy (Jordan)

Ted Light
Pam McCoppin (Baker)
Marcia Mumpower (Thomas)
Barb Palmer
Judith Patrick (Brown)
Roger Sachleben
Rebecca Sallee
Chris Schaffer
Jonatha (Jonnie) Shampton (Shoemacher)
Bona Shellhase (Griffieth)
Gayle Shepherd (Pohlmeyer)
Steven Simpson
Nancy Rae Smith (Dubbs)
Becky Spahr (Gantz)
Steve Trimborn
Don Utzinger
Dave Vendt
Tom Wenz
David White
James Wick
Robert Williams
Paul Wright













You've all checked the website

in the last 30 days



















Happy Holidaze Clipart (#5462837) - PinClipart



Rike's Department Store in Dayton held a Thanksgving Day parade, Rike's Toy Parade, in Dayton from 1923 to 1942. A highlight was Santa Claus and his elves. The annual tradition ended when World War II began.  RIKE'S HISTORICAL COLLECTION, SPECIAL COLLECTIONS & ARCHIVES, WRIGHT STATE UNIVERSITY 

Rike Kumler Co. - Wikipedia










Topics: Children & Holidays | arcade





A Gift From Rike's Means So Much More: The Million in December Campaign of  1922 | Out of the Box 


Rike's Department Store in Dayton held a Thanksgving Day parade, Rike's Toy Parade, in Dayton from 1923 to 1942. A highlight was Santa Claus and his elves. The annual tradition ended when World War II began.





Move over, Macy’s! The Rike’s Toy Parade was an early Dayton Thanksgiving tradition






Rike's Humpty Dumpty family is part of the 1935 Rike's Thanksgiving Day Parade in Dayton. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE OHIO HISTORY CONNECTION







Jack Spratt and his wife were part of the 1935 Rike's Thanksgiving Day Parade. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE OHIO HISTORY CONNECTION




Princess Sari rides her royal elephant Jumbo through Dayton during the 1935 Rike’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The elephant was propelled by four men underneath. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE OHIO HISTORY CONNECTION






Dayton's Rike's Department Store held a Thanksgving Day Parade in Dayton from 1923 to 1942. The annual tradition ended when World War II began.  RIKE’S HISTORICAL COLLECTION, SPECIAL COLLECTIONS & ARCHIVES, WRIGHT STATE UNIVERSITY






Dayton's Rike's Department Store held a Thanksgving Day Parade in Dayton from 1923 to 1942. The annual tradition ended when World War II began.  RIKE’S HISTORICAL COLLECTION, SPECIAL COLLECTIONS & ARCHIVES, WRIGHT STATE UNIVERSITY






Dayton's Rike's Department Store held a Thanksgving Day Parade in Dayton from 1923 to 1942. The annual tradition ended when World War II began.  RIKE’S HISTORICAL COLLECTION, SPECIAL COLLECTIONS & ARCHIVES, WRIGHT STATE UNIVERSITY



Visitors take in the windows of Rike's department store in 1952.  Frederik Rike, owner of the Rike-Kumler Co., moved the Christmas window displays from New York City to downtown Dayton in 1945. DAYTON DAILY NEWS / WRIGHT STATE UNIVERSITY SPECIAL COLLECTIONS


Visitors take in the windows of Rike's department store in 1952. Frederik Rike, owner of the Rike-Kumler Co., moved the Christmas window displays from New York City to downtown Dayton in 1945.





A Carillon Christmas - Dayton History





A Carillon Christmas - Dayton History


Carillon for Christmas





File:Dayton Christmas trolley bus in 1968.jpg - Wikimedia Commons


Downtown Dayton 1958







Rikes Christmas Windows, Dayton, Ohio, 2008, photos taken by Tom Eastridge  - hastings



Rike's Window



(DAYTON, OH) November 23, 2020 – Ten days after announcing that Dayton’s beloved holiday tradition, the Rike’s Holiday Windows, would again be on display at the Benjamin & Marian Schuster Center this December, Dayton Live announces that the windows will not be on display this year after all.






1960 Elder's Dayton Ohio Christmas Toy Catalog | Etsy | Christmas toys,  Christmas toy catalogue, Toy catalogs








Rike's at Christmas, ca. 1960s [via Dayton History Books Online] | Dayton  ohio, Dayton, Photo facts





Rike's Christmas shopping









Downtown Dayton Rike's. Back in the sixties, this was THE store!! | Ohio  history, Dayton, Dayton ohio
















1962 Elder's Dayton Ohio Christmas Catalog Vintage | Etsy







Rike's Christmas Windows - Xenia High School Class of 1960 










100+ Dayton ideas | dayton, dayton ohio, ohio 











Christmas Day Open House at Polen Farm - Kettering Middle School









Dayton Ohio Christmas Ornaments | Zazzle - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!






Best Christmas Lights Around Dayton – Dayton Parent Magazine

Decorations in Kettering










Fairmont West



Tiara Clipart Homecoming Crown - Transparent Background Queen Crown Png ,  Free Transparent Clipart - ClipartKey






















































































































































































































MEAN ?????






means the same thing





James Dean

graduated from

Fairmount High



James Dean - Fairmount High School in Fairmount Indiana | James dean, James  dean photos, Celebrity photos






High School, Fairmount, Indiana, circa 1925 - Dated May 7, 1925 on the back. 






Fairmount, Indiana - a photo on Flickriver










Explore 1964 Fairmount High School Yearbook, Fairmount ND - Classmates












The Fairmount Cocktail Bar: A Cleveland Heights, OH Bar - Thrillist











Special announcement from Fairmount Park Conservancy – Fairmount Park  Conservancy












Fairmount, GA - Official City Website 

Have lived in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC and Northern California. All locations had extensive use of "Fairmont" for names. Fairmont Street, Fairmont Hotel, Fairmont Bar & Grill...
Top Google Logos 1998 - 2000 | AZ Big Media
search of "Fairmont Avenue" resulted in about
35,500,000 results (0.83 seconds)
Top 10 hotels for health-minded travelers | Fairmont hotel, Fairmont, Hotel  logo

Fairmont Liquor - Home | Facebook
Fairmount Tire & Rubber - Updated COVID-19 Hours & Services - 173  Photos & 339 Reviews - Tires - 600 W Slauson Ave, Vermont-Slauson, Los  Angeles, CA - Phone Number - Yelp
FAIRMONT FUNERAL HOME Trademark - Registration Number 3460369 - Serial  Number 77161984 :: Justia Trademarks
Fairmont Farm Inc. - Cowsmo
Privacy Fence — Vinyl Fencing Styles | by Everlast Vinyl Fencing of Calgary  | Medium
 Fairmont Farms (9781450021654): Livingston, Brad: Books
See the source image
The Fairmont Diner is open for dine-in seating
See the source image
Fairmont Antiques & Mercantile - The Old Market District in Omaha NE
Gateway Connector opens today | Local News |
See the source image

Fairmont Inn

16320 Foothill Boulevard (San Leandro) CA 94578


Fairmont Inn in San Leandro, USA - Lets Book Hotel

 See the source image
1800 Fairmont Ave, Mcallen, TX 78504 | Zillow
See the source image
See the source image 
See the source image
Fairmont Estates Apartments - Kingston, NY |
Fairmont Raceway
Fairmont | Riley County Official Website
Fairmont Dentist | Fairmont Family Dentistry | Dental Care Fairmont MN
See the source image
Fairmont Schools - Anaheim, California | Facebook
East Fairmont High - Marion County Schools
Fairmont Elementary School / Homepage
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Fairmont Cremation Service
Guns, shooting and friendship in a West Virginia town
Fairmont Supply - Industrial Supply - Materials Management - Packaging &  Shipping Supplies
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Fairmont Designed by umair08 | BrandCrowd
Fairmont State Falcons |











APD Arrests Suspect in Murder on Fairmont — The Amarillo Pioneer  












Paperback The Fairmont Maneuver Book 












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Working at Fairmont Tool: Employee Reviews |









Fairmont Private School of Fresno | Fresno |











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Professors file suit over Fairmont State presidential search | Education |










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Fairmont vintage green road sign with blue sky background — Stock Photo ©  ellandar #106648618









Five arrested after drugs allegedly found in Fairmont motel



Five arrested after drugs allegedly found in Fairmont motel | News |












  The Historic Fairmont Hotel - Home - Deadwood, South Dakota - Menu, Prices,  Restaurant Reviews | Facebook












Woman says she witnessed Fairmont Terrace killings, investigators doubt  story












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New signs welcome people to Friendly City | Local News |









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About Fairmont Education Group - Fairmont International School







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Image result for fairmont inc.










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Fairmont Senior High Polar Bear Band Logo - Fairmont Senior Polar Bears, HD  Png Download - kindpng






Fairmont Motor Lodge Motel (Hastings) - Deals, Photos & Reviews













Pictures · Fairmont Flyers Club Championship (2018, Fairmont Flyers Disc  Golf Club) · Disc Golf Scene











Minnesota Judicial Branch - News and Announcements




[Did anyone want a bird mascot?]





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 Lantern Press Fairmont Hotel - San Francisco, California 6071  (6x9 Aluminum Wall Sign, Wall Decor Ready to Hang): Posters & Prints










Fairmont Housing Authority












Fairmont Heights High Spotlights

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Fairmont Church Service - July 18, 2020 - YouTube
Business logo for Fairmont Tech by Daveheissner
Best Places to Live in Fairmont, North Carolina
The Paddock at Fairmont South: New Homes Are Coming to the Charleston  Suburbs | Hunter Quinn Homes
About — Kettering Music 
Butcher School, Fairmont, WV 2nd Grade (1910-11) | Fairmont west virginia,  Fairmont, West virginia
Butcher School, Fairmont, West Virginia
2nd Grade  1910-1911
East Fairmont High School
East Fairmont High School Busy Bee Band and Honeybees | Marching Band
  17) Fairmont, West Virginia postcards--WV Marion County pepperoni roll |  eBay
Fairmont / Topical Subjects: Trolley cars--West Virginia--Fairmont. - West  Virginia History OnView | WVU Libraries Search Results
Fairmont West Virginia Skyline Cityscape T-shirt by awesomeart | Society6 
Fairmont Pharmacy logo.png | Pasadena Chamber of Commerce
Book cover for The Fairmont Maneuver by Brian Drake
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Fairmont Recruitment
Fairmont Forever by [William C. Purves]
Village of Fairmont - Senior Center







Beautiful Thanksgiving Day

Here in Northern California

Hope yours was wonderful.


Happy Thanksgiving | Ironwood Custom Builders







TurDunkin Donut Turkey – johnrieber









Chess board, black king lying beside white king


“The Queen’s Gambit,” Netflix’s fictional drama about a female chess prodigy, has pulled off an unlikely gambit of its own: It’s prompted one of the biggest surges in the popularity of chess among Americans since the days of Bobby Fischer’s dominance in the 1970s.

The show has become Netflix’s most widely viewed scripted limited series, with 62 million households tuning in during the first 28 days after its Oct. 23 debut, the streaming company said. (Netflix now counts two minutes of watching as a view.) The impact is clear: Google search queries for chess doubled from October to November. Participation in online chess sites is soaring and it is getting harder to buy some chess sets.

“We’re setting a new record, for most new members in a single day, almost every day of November,” said Nick Barton, director of business development at, a site for chess education and online play. That influx of more than 100,000 members daily is mostly beginners, Mr. Barton said. The newcomers have been mostly in the 18-to-24 demographic (as high as 60%), and slightly more female than usual, at 25% of new members compared with 22% among the site’s base of 46 million members. During the spring, pandemic lockdowns gave a bump to chess sites, he said. “The Queen’s Gambit” built on that to create a pop-culture sensation.


Jeff Myers, owner of online retailer, said his sales this month are triple November’s last year. Demand is running up against a Covid-related supply slowdown, he said, and his inventory is dwindling. “We source our best quality Staunton wood chess pieces from India, and India has really been locked down. They haven’t been able to harvest trees for the sets, and carving factories for the pieces have been closed,” Mr. Myers said. His domestic supply of chess boards also has been disrupted: “The boards I have coming from New York won’t last until Christmas at the rate we are selling.”


Netflix’s seven-episode series is based on a 1983 novel by Walter Tevis. Beth Harmon, played by Anya Taylor-Joy, is a red-headed Kentucky orphan in the 1960s who sees chessboard patterns in her head at age 8. The world opens to Beth as she advances from local curiosity to world champion, all while struggling with substance abuse.

The show feels like a cousin of Amazon’s “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” sharing its swanky mid-century set designs and fashions, international travel and a strong-willed protagonist in a male-dominated field. Its impact, though, has been more like that of “Stranger Things,” another Netflix series that is credited with spurring a revival of the game Dungeons & Dragons.


Want to join the chess craze? Here are resources:

PLAY has created a Beth Harmon chess bot that beginners and experts can play against. Novices can take on Beth at age 8; experts can challenge versions of Beth up to grandmaster level., which recently reached 100,000 simultaneous players online, is a free site where one can take on global opponents at the same level of expertise. It offers puzzles for mastering tactics and variants like Antichess and Crazyhouse.




Niche: Explore Schools, Companies, and Neighborhoods


What Sets Niche Apart
Niche is the best place to research U.S. colleges, schools, neighborhoods, and companies. Every month millions of people use our easy-to-read and comprehensive report cards, rankings, and reviews to choose the right schools or neighborhoods for them. Niche does rigorous cleaning and analysis on large data sets, and combines them with feedback from our community for nuanced insight that can't be found anywhere else.



  • A - Overall Grade


Kettering is a suburb of Dayton with a population of 55,405. Kettering is in Montgomery County and is one of the best places to live in Ohio. Living in Kettering offers residents a dense suburban feel and most residents own their homes. In Kettering there are a lot of bars, restaurants, and parks. Many young professionals and retirees live in Kettering and residents tend to lean conservative. The public schools in Kettering are highly rated.


Kettering Fairmont High School




9 of 438 Reviews


Real world life scenarios were hardly taught correctly.
Food tastes terrible and is not worth the price!
Crationism was mentioned a lot by my english teachers and a few others. It's religion is school people. You don't want that. there's no scientific evidence for it.
The only unique aspect is that if you want to get laid, you're in luck! Watch out for the teachers.
Very biased, unwilling to have players just for fun, it's all about winning and being on drugs.
The food is absolutely terrible.
The cafeteria is in need of a major cleanup. The food needs to be more diverse especially for certain religious groups or for the people who would like to eat healthier.
There is a lot of bias at this school especially when it comes to athletes and musical/theatrical students. They are graded far differently based on the teacher and there are many favorites that receive better grades than the students that do the same work. They have no regard for the students there and Mr. White suggests that any student with any kind of issue go to Barnes or drop out. The staff is very awful and need to be replaced with people that do the job right and are hired on based on experience and credentials. Mr. White and many of those staffed here have been hired on due to who they know and who they were the best man of at a wedding.
Gross. It's all fattening and fake. I've gotten more than one chicken sandwhich with a gray coloring to it. The only healthy food options are little bowls of fruits and vegetables that spoiled long ago.

Obi is a NY Knick!




From the New York Post


A teary Brooklyn homecoming took place Wednesday in the NBA draft.

Obi Toppin is a Knick.

Dayton’s 6-foot-9 scoring forward fell to No. 8 on Wednesday night, and Knicks president Leon Rose pounced on the National College Player of the Year, whom he nearly traded up to get.

The Post reported in Wednesday’s editions the speculation that Toppin, who was long expected to be taken at No. 5 by the Cavaliers, could fall to 8.

And Cleveland obliged by taking Auburn small forward Isaac Okoro. That set the stage for the Flyers forward to drop to the Knicks.

After the selection, Toppin was in tears and got choked up as he was interviewed by ESPN.

“I’m from New York, that’s why it’s important, I’m not going to take it for granted,” Toppin said through tears. “It’s amazing.

A teary Brooklyn homecoming took place Wednesday in the NBA draft.

Obi Toppin is a Knick.

Dayton’s 6-foot-9 scoring forward fell to No. 8 on Wednesday night, and Knicks president Leon Rose pounced on the National College Player of the Year, whom he nearly traded up to get.

“I had the God-given blessing to be No. 8, and go to my hometown, which was New York,’’ he said later on Zoom. “Me being in this position is a blessing.”

In a statement, Rose said: “As one of the highest ranked players on our draft board, Obi was someone we really coveted. He’s an explosive athlete and one of the most dynamic players in college basketball. Just as importantly, he’s also a high character individual with a tremendous work ethic. We look forward to a bright future with him and are excited to bring a native New Yorker home to The Garden.”



CBS Sports


The New York Knicks have selected Obi Toppin with the No. 8 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. Toppin, the consensus National Player of the Year after a stellar season at Dayton, is one of the lottery's more unorthodox prospects. He didn't play for a blue-blood collegiate program, and at 22-years-old, will be among the oldest players selected in this class. But his production at Dayton speaks for itself, and unlike many previous college stars to flameout as professionals, at least some of Toppin's game should translate well to the NBA

Toppin is going to be an excellent pick-and-roll finisher even as a rookie thanks to his elite leaping ability and craft near the basket. That alone makes him a valuable offensive player. His chance at stardom relies on the rest of his promising offensive game. Toppin made 39 percent of his 3-pointers last season at Dayton. He handles the ball well for a big man, and while his size could be a limitation in the post against centers, he should thrive against mismatches off of switches. He's drawn comparisons to Amar'e Stoudemire for a reason. Toppin has a chance to be the very best offensive player in this class. 




Obi Toppin

and the NBA Draft

Nov. 18, 2020


Obi Toppin's Dayton highlights prove he is a top 5 NBA prospect | 2020 NBA  Draft Scouting Report - YouTube



Dayton | Soph | 6-9 | 220 lbs
A breakout 2019-20 campaign earned Dayton star Obi Toppin consensus national player of the year honors, and a wealth of draft buzz to boot. Between his leaping ability and offensive arsenal that extends beyond the 3-point line, he figures to be an above-the-rim, floor-spacing big who can affect the game with athleticism and versatility. 



Conference awards Dayton's Obi Toppin Player of the Week honors for fourth  time


Dayton's Obi Toppin was the best player in college basketball last season, with an offensive game built for the modern NBA. He's a ferocious dunker, the son of a New York streetball legend known as "Dunkers Delight." He's an effortless floor spacer and a career 41.7% 3-point shooter. He's an outstanding passer and an efficient scorer, posting a 69.4 true shooting percentage over the course of 64 college games. And he plays with a joy and charisma that appeals to basketball fans everywhere.

In a class with so much uncertainty, why isn't Toppin a candidate for the top pick in the 2020 draft? For starters, 22-year-olds drafted in the top 10 don't have the strongest track record. Outside of Damian Lillard in 2012, here's the rest of the list over the past decade:

But Toppin has carved a different path than most prospects his age.

"I'm not going to lie, I didn't think I was going to go anywhere after my high school career," Toppin told ESPN. "I thought I was going to go to [junior college], maybe go to another school after that, maybe go overseas."

And what would Toppin's own mother have said if she had been told five years ago that he would be a top draft prospect? "April Fools'," Roni Toppin responded with a laugh.








NCAA tournament 2018: First Four schedule set for Dayton -
















Circle City




Racing Capital of the World





Amateur Sports Capital of the World



The NCAA announced Monday it plans to play the entire NCAA tournament in one geographic area and is in preliminary talks with Indiana and Indianapolis about hosting the 68-team event.


» EARLIER COVERAGE: UD secures First Four through 2026


That means Dayton will not get to host the First Four for the second straight year. The First Four and entire tournament was cancelled in March because of the coronavirus pandemic. UD Arena was the site of the inaugural First Four when the NCAA Tournament expanded to 68 teams in 2011, and it has hosted it every year since when the tournament has been played.


Indianapolis was already scheduled to host the Final Four from April 3-5. The revised tournament could be held at different sites around Indianapolis in March and April. The original plan called for the tournament to be played at 14 different sites, including Dayton.

“We have learned so much from monitoring other successful sporting events in the last several months, and it became clear it’s not feasible to manage this complex championship in so many different states with the challenges presented by the pandemic,” said Dan Gavitt, NCAA Senior Vice President of Basketball, in a press release. “However, we are developing a solid plan to present a safe, responsible and fantastic March Madness tournament unlike any other we’ve experienced.”









"The Queen's Gambit"

A 7 part series on Netflix

is great entertainment




The Queen's Gambit (TV Mini-Series 2020) - IMDb


They have made many hours of chess on TV entertaining


Try it




The Firebirds

Did Shoot the Beavers

Winning 24-0

on Saturday morning



Postponed until Saturday




Season Game

After a Playoff Loss








Firebirds Lose in Ohio Playoffs


Fairmont  7

Olentangy Liberty 35




Reynolds and Reynolds - Wikipedia



Reynolds & Reynolds


Indicted for Tax Evasion

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Houston technology executive Robert Brockman has been charged in the biggest tax evasion case in U.S. history after fellow billionaire Robert Smith turned against him to avoid prosecution himself, the Justice Department said on Thursday.


Robert Brockman is accused of carrying out $2 billion tax evasion scheme.

He’s a Texas billionaire and the owner of a large local company, but that doesn’t mean Bob Brockman is necessarily a familiar face in the Dayton area.


Robert Brockman, 79, has owned automobile dealer products and services company Reynolds & Reynolds since 2006, but he has said little in local or national media. Industry publication Automotive News once called him a “mystery man.”


On Thursday, federal prosecutors in San Francisco announced that a federal grand jury in that city returned a 39-count indictment charging Brockman with tax evasion, wire fraud, money laundering, and other alleged offenses.


Brockman, the 79-year-old chief executive of Ohio-based Reynolds and Reynolds Co, hid $2 billion in income from the Internal Revenue Service over two decades, using a web of off-shore companies in Bermuda and St. Kitts and Nevis, according to an indictment unsealed on Thursday.


“The allegations made by the Department of Justice focus on activities Robert Brockman engaged in outside of his professional responsibilities with Reynolds & Reynolds,” said a statement from a spokesperson for Reynolds and Reynolds. “The company is not alleged to have engaged in any wrongdoing, and we are confident in the integrity and strength of our business.”


A company spokesperson Friday said Brockman is working with his private legal counsel, and while the situation is evolving, he will continue to serve as CEO of Reynolds & Reynolds.















Here's a fantastic highlights video on






Best Places to Live in Perrysburg, Ohio


Perrysburg is a southern suburb of Toledo on the Maumee River



10411 Fremont Pike, Perrysburg, OH 43551 |




QUALITY INN $67 ($̶7̶3̶) - Prices & Motel Reviews - Perrysburg, Ohio -  Tripadvisor







Perrysburg High School





Perrysburg High School






Home of the Yellow Jackets!









Ensuring all students achieve their greatest potential

If you are interested in helping to coordinate a "Virtual Reunion" via Zoom or other video conferencing platforms, for a group of Yellow Jackets, please let us know. We can help with that. Contact Jeff Abke '96 - Director of Development at or 419-874-9131 ext. 2274.


League Champions:
1967, 1977, 1979,
1980, 1984, 1985,
2001, 2006, 2013, 2014, 2015
State Playoff Appearances:
2007, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2020*
Regional Champions:
* Ran into Fairmont


Fairmont's Kene Anosike against Springfield earlier this season. Jeff Gilbert/CONTRIBUTED




Fairmont won its first playoff game in school history Friday night, upsetting unbeaten Perrysburg 41-14.


Perrysburg was the No. 5 seed in the Division I, Region 2 bracket. Fairmont was the No. 12 seed.


Dalton Gustwiller put Fairmont on the board early with a 12-yard fumble recovery for a touchdown.


Keon Wright added a 67-yard passing TD to Anas Musaimi and a 43-yard rushing score to help Fairmont carry a 28-7 lead into the half.

Drew Baker put the game out of reach with a pair of TD runs in the second half.



Fairmont (3-4) moves on to face Olentangy Liberty next Friday. Olentangy Liberty eliminated Miamisburg 35-0 on Friday.



Fairmont (2-4) travels to Toledo Friday night to take on Perrysburg (6-0) in the D-1, Region 2 Playoffs!

Perrysburg is currently ranked 6th in the D-1 AP Poll.




Fairmont Victorious

in Season Finale


Will Holt drilled a 37-yard field goal with 3:45 to play and Fairmont blocked a 'Boro field goal attempt to score a 10-7 win.


Keon Wright scampered 54 yards for a TD for Fairmont. Michael Etheridge had a fumble recovery return for a TD for 'Boro.


Fairmont closed the regular season at 2-4; Springboro fell to 2-3.




































































In July, a Covid-19 outbreak in central Ohio was blamed on holidaymakers returning from Florida and Arizona, two states badly affected by the virus this summer. News such as this has forced many to abandon any out-of-state travel plans.



But for locals missing the sea waves, a new community of surfers has this summer sprung up in the most unlikely of places. In Dayton, Ohio, the pandemic has fuelled an emergent river surfing scene that's drawing adventure seekers down to the Miami and other rivers.



Report by BBC, Courtesy HMS


















That's not Anne Bancroft's leg


It belongs to Linda Gray


(Sue Ellen Ewing on Dallas)













The film made $35 million at the box office the first month in July 1968



{$240 million current dollars}




A lifetime domestic gross of
















The New Your Times printed a small article that despite a nationwide talent search, the filmmaskers casting The Graduate were coming up empty-handed. The article was picked up and they were inundated with mail. Over three hundred amateurs personally contacted casting. But none got a screen test.




Those actors getting a screentest incuded:







Robert Redford












Charles Grodin














Tony Bill














Rob Lipton




















Dustin Hoffman









The screentest with

Kathrine Ross


After the audition, matters got worse, Hoffman said, "The idea that the director was connecting me with someone as beautiful as her, it became an even uglier joke. It was like a Jewish nightmare."





Before the film's release, when Ross was asked about her costar she gave it straight,


"He looks about three feet tall, so dead serious, so humorless,

so unkempt"






Director Mike Nichols said "Grodin got very close...But he didn't look like Benjamin to me."



However, when Mike Nicols approached Dustin about auditioning for the role of Benjamin Braddock, he instantly felt that "this is not a part for me. I'm not supposed to be in movies. I'm supposed to be where I belong.

An ethnic actor is supposed to be in ethnic New York in an ethnic Off-Broadway show. I know my place."




Dustin was cast to play "Benjamin Braddock."











The role of Mrs. Robinson, the desparate housewife who begins her seduction of Ben on the night of his homecoming, was considered from the start the film's most bankable.









Doris Day was approached early on. Day has long maintained that she turned the part down because it offended her values. But when they sent her the novel her husband and manager, Terry Melcher withheld it from her.











They met with Ava Gardner who was forty-four. But decided she was perhaps not mentally up to the part when she tried to phone her old friend Ernest Hemimgway, who had committed suicide five years before.












The idea of Jeanne Moreau was floated, in keeping with the French cinematic tradition of sophisticated older women initiating naive young men into sexuality.

However, it was decided that The Graduate was an all-American story, so she was never offered the role.




Supposedly Anne Bancroft only accepted the role after being talked into it by husband Mel Brooks.




Dustin Hoffman's old pal Gene Hackman, only seven years his senior, would be Mr. Robinson, the cuckolded husband of Ben's paramour.





Then, when cast and crew seemed to be coming together nicely, Gene Hackman was suddenly fired from his role as Mr. Robinson. Nichols quickly replaced him with actor Murray Hamilton.







Mayor of Amity

































































Behind the Scenes




















More to Come






Wayne Beats Fairmont


September 25






Christian Rand intercepted a pass in the end zone in the final seconds to preserve a 31-24 victory for Wayne over Fairmont on Friday night.


Fairmont (1-4 Greater Western Ohio Conference) had rallied from a 24-7 second-half deficit and faced a third-and-seven at the 8-yard line when Male’k Hilton’s pass was intercepted.








Fairmont Wins

Friday September 18


Box Score
1 2 3 4 F
- 0 7 0 7
- 7 14 0 21

  Fairmont 21, Miamisburg 7: Drew Baker rushed for a pair of touchdowns and Tank Gant added a TD run to lead Fairmont to its first victory. Baker finished with 117 rushing yards on 27 carries. Justin Barry threw a 14-yard TD pass to Jackson MaGohan for 'Burg, which dropped to 1-2.


Obsession interlude: How we spend
The coronavirus pandemic is having a big impact on the global economy, and a noticeable effect on lots of smaller industries as well. Here’s how what we buy is changing:
⬆️ Tie dye: Online sales of Rit Dye increased 800%.
⬆️ Gardening supplies: Sales of Scotts Miracle-Gro rose 16%.
⬇️ Movie theaters: Estimated global losses of $5 billion.
⬇️ Luxury goods: Estimated global losses of $43.4 billion.
⬆️ Comfy shoes: First quarter sales of Crocs rose 14%.
⬆️ Home workouts: Views of YouTube workout videos increased 200%.
⬆️ Streaming: Netflix doubled its estimated new subscribers in the first quarter.
⬇️ Men’s suits: Sales estimated to fall 24% this year.








Our Principal's

first year in that position



















Future Teacher


Senior Dale Berry




(Mr. Berry served me my first underage mixed drink

a sloe gin fizz.)












Graduation Rates




The Ohio Department of Education released school report cards Tuesday that showed the four-year graduation rate for Class of 2019, by school district.


Dayton ranked second-last in the state in four-year graduation rate (72.2%) for the Class of 2019, while a collection of small rural districts were among those with 100% graduation.


100.0% Newton

100.0% Twin Valley

98.5% Springboro

98.1% Carlisle

98.0% Cedar Cliff

97.3% Bellbrook

97.2% Oakwood

97.0% Bradford

96.9% Miami East

96.8% Troy

96.7% Waynesville

96.4% Vandalia-Butler

96.0% Centerville

95.9% Bethel

95.9% Tipp City

95.7% Lebanon

95.3% Greeneview

95.2% Northmont

94.9% Beavercreek

94.4% Eaton

94.2% Covington

94.1% Yellow Springs

94.0% Valley View

93.8% National Trail

93.8% Preble Shawnee

93.5% Milton-Union

93.1% Brookville

92.9% Miamisburg

91.6% Franklin

91.1% Tri-County North

91.0% Greenon

90.7% Kettering

90.6% Piqua

90.2% Northridge

89.7% Jefferson Twp.

89.6% New Lebanon

89.4% Huber Heights

89.3% Tecumseh

89.1% Fairborn

85.9% Trotwood-Madison

85.1% West Carrollton

81.8% Xenia

81.3% Mad River

72.2% Dayton

Source: Ohio Department of Education





1956 Dragon

















The main gathering place at

Young’s Jersey Dairy

for countless sticky-fingered, smiling kids

with ice cream cones

in-hand will soon be replaced.



Construction has begun at Young’s near Yellow Springs on a multi-million dollar dairy barn set to be completed next year, most likely in April, Dan Young, Young’s CEO, said Friday. The new structure will cost around $2 million to $3 million, Young said, though the final cost is not yet known. The existing dairy store has been in place for more than 50 years.





1957 Dragon








Principal R. R. Somers






Fairmont v. Greenville






















(Where's Willowdale?)









Ban-Lon Polo Shirt





2019-03-29 Dayton, OH Daily News | News Break



Price Stores in downtown Dayton is closed as it prepares to move to a new location.


Price Stores at 52 S. Jefferson St. is relocating to Centerville, said Edd Wimsatt, the owner, with tentative plans to open its new space in October.


  Price Stores, located at 52 S. Jefferson St. in downtown Dayton since its beginning in 1950, will relocate to Centerville next to Hauer Music starting next week. Here's a look at all five floors of the gentlemen’s clothing and formal wear business including the basement. Currently, construction contractors are removing the bronze-colored aluminum facade (installed in 1972) that has hidden the original architectural details of the building. Originally named the Home Telephone Co. Building when construction was completed in 1903, the building has also been called the Garfield Building and is currently known as the Price Stores Building. The Windsor Companies, developers of the Fire Blocks District and owners of the building, will convert it into a boutique hotel. TOM GILLIAM/CONTRIBUTED


The store will continue to honor existing orders for weddings already on the books, as well as fittings, alterations and pickups, the store shared with customers on Facebook.


Wimsatt, 70, who has owned the business since 1970, said he needs a smaller and more efficient space.

Larry Zusman and his wife Leonore opened the store in 1950 on the bottom floor of the Garfield Building, once occupied by the Ohio Bell Telephone Company.

For decades, Price Stores remained the go-to spot in downtown Dayton for clothing and great service.


Price Stores, located at 52 S. Jefferson St. in downtown Dayton since its beginning in 1950, will relocate to Centerville next to Hauer Music starting next week. Here's a look at all five floors of the gentlemen’s clothing and formal wear business including the basement. Currently, construction contractors are removing the bronze-colored aluminum facade (installed in 1972) that has hidden the original architectural details of the building. Originally named the Home Telephone Co. Building when construction was completed in 1903, the building has also been called the Garfield Building and is currently known as the Price Stores Building. The Windsor Companies, developers of the Fire Blocks District and owners of the building, will convert it into a boutique hotel. TOM GILLIAM/CONTRIBUTED



Yellow Springs, Ohio by Lauren McCallister - They Draw & Travel


YELLOW SPRINGS — Putting into law what was already established practice by the Yellow Springs Police Department, the village council here has voted to decriminalize minor marijuana offenses.

The new law, passed Tuesday by council, will take effect in 30 days.
Individuals found with less than 200 grams of marijuana will be charged with a civil infraction subject to a fine of $50 or less in the Yellow Springs Mayor’s Court instead of a misdemeanor. Patients with medical marijuana cards can possess more than 200 grams and not be charged with a criminal offense.
Dabbing' teens more likely to go on to heaver, more frequent cannabis use -  USC News

“I want to emphasize a move to keep people out of a system that we feel is racist and otherwise destroys people’s lives,” said Council President Brian Housh.

According to an analysis published by the American Civil Liberties Union in April, Black people are nearly four times as likely to be arrested in the U.S. for marijuana-possession offenses.


50th Class Reunion Clip Art - - Image Results | Class reunion, 50th  class reunion ideas, Class reunion planning




Fairmont West Class of 1970



The Fairmont West Class of 1970 will hold its 50th Reunion on
August 29, 2020, at the Dayton Country Club.

...more details to follow


Class of 1969 Heard County High School 50th Class Reunion



Saturday, September 4, 2021 at 4:30 PM – 11 PM EDT


The Fairmont West Class of '71 will hold their 50th reunion September 4, 2021. The Saturday event will be held in the banquet hall of the American Legion.






Wednesday after Labor Day

That's when we went back to school

after summer vacation,

elementary, junior high and high school.

Kettering's remote learning started today.



The Technology Services Department has provided training to our building office staff so that they may assist students and parents in resolving technology issues as we begin our remote learning on September 8. Please contact your child's building or unit secretary with technology issues or questions. If the office staff member is not able to resolve the issue, he/she will enlist the expertise of a member of the district's Technology Services Department to assist the parent/student.




We did not have/need tech support

We did not have to "reboot" our

slide rules


Illustrated Self-Guided Course On How To Use The Slide Rule


or protractors


Using a Protractor



It Happened in Ohio







Cuyahoga on fire

June 1969











Big Time










July 4th

Fireworks Derecho













Simon & Garfunkel

Set List

November 11, 1969

Miami University





First Man on Moon

Comes Home















Absolutely  Not



2020 Holiday At Home has been canceled.

In accordance with the City of Kettering’s decisions to maintain safety for its citizens, this year’s Holiday at Home committee has decided to cancel this year’s festival. We are looking forward to making 2021 the best festival yet!




Coronavirus: Kettering Holiday at Home festival and parade canceled


Kettering Holiday At Home | Kettering, Ohio Labor Day Celebration


Labor Day 2019: Holiday at Home parade in Kettering






1970 Dragon


















1960 Dragon

















Fans in the Stands at Roush


Fairmont's Tank Gant runs the ball against Centerville in the season opener at Roush Stadium on Friday, Aug. 28, 2020. Eric Frantz/CONTRIBUTED


Fairmont Loses Opener


Centerville special teams coach Adam Taylor is going to have something special waiting for him today during film sessions.

“He’s going to get an extra Bills donut,” Elks head coach Brent Ullery said. “Special teams was a big difference tonight.”
It was THE difference.

Trailing 20-14 after a fourth-quarter Fairmont touchdown, Centerville junior Cam Smith took the ensuing kickoff 95yards for the decisive score in a 21-20 win over the host Firebirds at Roush Stadium in Friday night’s season opener.

The victory came on the heels of last season’s 28-20 win by Fairmont, which was the Firebirds first in the series since a 28-23 win in 1997.





1963 Dragon



Bring on the Funck







1961 Dragon





Students Are the Real Key to Fairmont

The beauty of our campus is enhanced by the charm of our coeds*

*actual yearbook text




Fairmont Mural

















Mask wearer in third

row precursor of

our current Covid masks


Dayton’s Martin Sheen, Allison Janney and Rob Lowe reunite for special episode of ‘The West Wing’


This poster was used to promote the NBC television drama <i>The West Wing</i>. The poster features a large photograph of Martin Sheen as President Josiah “Jed” Bartlet surrounded by the main cast, including, from the top left and continuing counter-clockwise, C.J. Cregg (Allison Janney), Sam Seaborn (Rob Lowe), Toby Ziegler (Richard Schiff), Leo McGarry (John Spencer), Josh Lyman (Bradley Whitford), Charlie Young (Dulé Hill), and Donna Moss (Janel Moloney). Source: National Museum of American History


The cast of “The West Wing” — including Dayton’s own Martin Sheen, Allison Janney and Rob Lowe — will reunite for the first time in 17 years for a theatrical presentation of an episode of the political drama.


“A West Wing Special to Benefit When We All Vote” will stream on HBO Max this fall with the goal of boosting voter turnout, according to national entertainment publications including Entertainment Weekly and Variety. A date to air has not been determined.





Updated Fairmont Football Schedule






Are you at all

familiar with the


Musical production?







"Some Enchanted Evening"


"I'm Gonna Wash That Man

Right Outta My Hair"


"I'm in Love

with a Wonderful Guy"


{a 6th grader)



Woodbury Elementary stages annual musical – Orange County Register

Not actual photo of Southdale production.





In our Oakview production of


a winter tale



I played a caribou.





Not me.




For the first time since its founding in 1947, The Pine Club is offering al fresco dining.


The venerable Dayton steakhouse took the necessary steps to add a patio outside its front entrance at 1926 Brown St. to help it grapple with the restrictions imposed on its seating capacity by the coronavirus pandemic, according to Pine Club General Manager Karen Watson.



The restaurant just reopened for dine-in service a couple of weeks ago on July 29, and its efforts to get back on its feet fully took another hit just two days later when state officials issued a 10 p.m. curfew on alcohol sales at restaurants and bars.





 Spot the '69 Dragons


        the Van Buren Student Council



          Think there's Buettin, Kisling, Maeder,

Shahan, Smith, Ulrich

and more

     with  Coach Bob Pugh




Jack Larson?



There were two.


Kenny Dexter

"The Dick Van Dyke Show"




Jimmy Olsen











Kettering Schools Delay Start


The Kettering school district plans to push its first day of classes back three weeks to Sept. 8, as it considers other potential changes to the school year.


Superintendent Scott Inskeep said in a note to parents Friday that Kettering schools may have to adjust its initial plan for in-person classes this fall, given data on rising COVID-19 cases in Montgomery County.


“This decision will allow us to review our current educational plans for the 2020-2021 school year – including both in-person and online options – in light of the most recent communication from Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County,” Inskeep wrote.


Earlier Friday, Public Health released a recommendation that all county schools begin their school year online.

Kettering schools had planned to be one of the earliest-starting districts, with a first day of classes Aug. 17. Inskeep said the decision to delay came after discussions with parents, guardians, school staff and leadership. That was topped off Friday by Public Health’s data, listing 418 local COVID-19 cases among people age 0-19.

A formal vote to change the school calendar will come at the Aug. 4 school board meeting, and Inskeep said he hopes to have a final decision on the full back-to-school approach by Aug. 7.

“As superintendent of the Kettering Schools, it is my responsibility to make decisions that are in the best interest of the safety, health and well-being of the students, families and staff of our school district,” he said.


July 27, 2020


July 27, 2019


  50th Reunion
















We did not realize these really were

the good old days.







More from '69 Dragon


Ski Club

(1 of 2)


If you look closely in Row 4




It goes "Pat Pancoast, Gunvar Lahr"

But why are Mark Brainard and Doug Gage






Kling, Boulter & Williams




Perhaps the Least Exciting Headline



We were really ever #1?

Marilyn & Bret think so

Pat cannot be bothered



Always explaining



Former Class of '32 President


Apparently Steve is reading his text messages





Senior Class Play



Over the years and, especially now,

West's production of

"Life with Father"

remains relevent

and funny!





From the 1959 Dragon



Although it is blurry, there is a reference to "Fairmontonians"

Guess we could not be that after Fairmont East


The 1951 Dragon Yearbook






You'll recognize a few teachers who

still taught us 18 years later













Not one boy or girl with straight long hair







Ever seen an old Firebird?





2002 Kettering-Fairmont High School (1984-present) Yearbook ...


1999 Kettering-Fairmont High School (1984-present) Yearbook ...


1998 Kettering-Fairmont High School (1984-present) Yearbook ...



1996 Kettering-Fairmont High School (1984-present) Yearbook ...


1992 Kettering-Fairmont High School (1984-present) Yearbook ...





Fairmont High Logo - LogoDix


1987 Kettering-Fairmont High School (1984-present) Yearbook ...


Kettering Fairmont High School yearbooks


How about an old Dragon?


Reprint) 1980 Yearbook: Fairmont West High School (1965-1983 ...




Fairmont West High School - Dragon Yearbook (Kettering, OH), Class ...






Reprint) 1973 Yearbook: Fairmont West High School (1965-1983 ...


Fairmont West High School Yearbook 1972 Kettering Ohio | #32609682


Fairmont West High School - Dragon Yearbook (Kettering, OH), Class ...




Just kidding!







1967 Dragon Fairmont West High School Yearbook Kettering Ohio ...




Fairmont West High School - Dragon Yearbook (Kettering, OH), Class ...




Fairmont High School Yearbook Kettering, Ohio 1963 Volume XXXX ...





Reprint) 1961 Yearbook: Fairmont High School (thru 1964 ...


Fairmont West High School - Dragon Yearbook (Kettering, OH), Class ...


Reprint) 1959 Yearbook: Fairmont High School (thru 1964 ...




Reprint) 1957 Yearbook: Fairmont High School (thru 1964 ...









Reprint) 1955 Yearbook: Fairmont High School (thru 1964 ... 



Kettering Fairmont High School yearbooks




Fairmont West High School - Dragon Yearbook (Kettering, OH), Class ...



(Custom Reprint) Yearbook: 1950 Fairmont West High School ...


Reprint) 1949 Yearbook: Fairmont High School (thru 1964 ...




Kettering Fairmont High School



Fairmont West High School - Dragon Yearbook (Kettering, OH), Class ...


Fairmont High School | Out of the Box



Fairmont West High School - Dragon Yearbook (Kettering, OH), Class ...



Kettering Fairmont High School






Fairmont High School (thru 1964) Class of 1933 Yearbook


Page 31 - Yearbooks - Dayton Remembers: Preserving the History of ...



The Dragon 1932, Fairmont High School, Dayton, Ohio (Yearbook ...





The Dragon 1932, Fairmont High School, Dayton, Ohio (Yearbook ...





It’s been more than 50 years since Dayton fell in love with a thin crust square-cut pizza.



Marion Glass, a scrappy local kid who as a youngster sold peanuts and soda at baseball games, opened the first Marion’s Piazza, a staple of Dayton dining, on Aug. 19, 1965. 


Marion's Piazza - Wikipedia


Ambition and a solid work ethic put Glass on the path to success. 

“My family was poor,” Glass told the Dayton Daily News in 1976. “I dropped out of Kiser High School when I was a junior. I wasn’t afraid to work and I wanted to learn.” 

Glass initially got into the pizza business as the owner of three Cassano’s pizza franchises. But he had his own ideas. “I felt that it was time to have a dining room pizza house,” he said. 

The community had never seen a restaurant like the one at 460 Patterson Road in Dayton, where a large deluxe pizzas cost $2.50. The restaurant had seating for 200, four pizza ovens and the largest walk in cooler in town, according to a 1965 article in the Dayton Herald. 

Glass hired an interior decorator to create the feel of an outdoor café in Italy. Old brick, rustic iron décor, and canvas awnings complemented the look and lent itself to the name piazza, an enclosed veranda. 

Marion’s Piazza is not only a Dayton tradition, but was also the site for Wednesday night cast parties, from 1966 to 1995, for the Kenley Players summer stock theater company. Dozens of black-and-white photos of the famous players line the walls today.


Big name stars like Mickey Rooney, Cloris Leachman, Sally Field and Frankie Avalon dined and reveled at Marion’s as did locals Jack and Jackie Hutton. In 1975, Henry Winkler, who played “The Fonz” on Happy Days, drew 2,000 people to the restaurant. 

The business has grown to nine locations in the Dayton area. Founder Marion Glass died at age 92 in 2006. Today his son Roger Glass runs the business.


                            Tipp City Politician




Huffman, an emergency room physician, asked a witness before the Senate Health Committee on Tuesday why COVID-19 is hitting African Americans harder than white people.




Black Lives Matter rally set for Oakwood

Thursday June 11th


The rally is planned from 6-8 p.m. at Wright Memorial Public Library, 1776 Far Hills


As of the 2010 Census:


The racial makeup of the city was 95.3% White, 0.9% African American, 0.2% Native American, 1.4% Asian, 0.6% from other races, and 1.6% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 1.8% of the population.


2000 Census



George Floyd's Last Words













































                                       George Floyd - Wikipedia


On this day in 1969:


"Sugar, Sugar" single released by The Archies (Billboard Song of the Year 1969)


Sugar, Sugar - The Complete Albums Collection by The Archies on ...


We deserved better!








Anything is perfect I’m not picky

stated a Millennial



It’s been 15 years to the day since YouTube cofounder Jawed Karim uploaded the platform's first-ever video, 18 seconds of him pontificating about elephant trunks at the San Diego Zoo. Here’s a brief timeline on what’s happened since:

2005: YouTube launches its public beta in May, and with $3.5 million from Sequoia Capital it goes beyond beta by the end of the year. 

2006: Google acquires YouTube for $1.7 billion.

2007: "Charlie bit my finger” becomes the first viral video, proving babies are cuter than cats, and YouTube goes mobile-friendly the same month the first iPhone hits stores. 

2008: "Evolution of Dance" gets a record-breaking 100 million views.

2009: Justin Bieber. Vevo. The music world is never the same. 

2012: Psy’s “Gangnam Style” gets a historic 1 billion views.

2014: Susan Wojcicki becomes YouTube’s third CEO.

2017: The “Adpocalypse” and “Elsagate” throw the platform under public scrutiny.

As of last year, 500 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube...every minute. There’s no sign of that number going down, especially amid COVID-19.


Are You Binge-Watching?


By the digits

52%: Share of participants in a 2018 survey who said they had stayed up all night binge-watching at least once

45%: Share of young adults who have canceled plans to continue watching a show

76%: Share of viewers ages 18 to 29 who prefer binge-watching

45%: Share of viewers ages 55 to 64 who prefer binge-watching

160 million: Netflix subscribers worldwide

10 million: Disney+ subscribers on the first day of its North America launch

~20: Hours Americans spend watching TV each week

361,000: Viewers who watched all nine episodes of season two of Stranger Things in the first 24 hours it was available

189 million kg (417 million lb): CO2 produced by the 64 million people who watched season three of Stranger Things, based on the energy required to power routers, data centers, and streaming

What’s the best way to watch?

When Netflix released the entire first season of the political thriller House of Cards in one day in 2013, such an approach had never been done before. “It all felt very experimental,” Beau Willimon, the show’s creator, told the Wall Street Journal. “We were a bit shocked at how quickly the world glommed onto the idea of streaming shows over the internet and binge-watching seasons.” Now that’s the standard on most streaming sites (HBO remains a holdout).

Streaming services like Hulu, Disney+ and Apple TV+ have experimented with releasing episodes on a weekly basis to see if viewers retain interest longer, and as a way to do more with less, in the face of the seemingly-endless amount of content produced by Netflix. Even Netflix, though, has made the occasional exception. In 2019, it released one new episode per week of The Great British Baking Show in the US, two days after each episode originally aired in the UK.

Cable companies are losing subscribers each quarter, but it doesn’t mean they also can’t join the market in new ways to retain the interest of viewers. HBO has created original content that makes it worthwhile for subscribers to pay $14.99 a month. Channels like NBC are creating their own streaming networks, and Viacom has also made content-specific streaming sites.

Brief history

1990s: Entire seasons of television shows become available on box sets of VHS tapes, and binge-watching takes off.

1997: Netflix launches, allowing subscribers to rent DVDs online, receive them in the mail, and send them back when finished. There are no overdue fees, a major change from video stores.

2007: Netflix launches an online streaming service. Other cable companies create on-demand services for shows and movies around the same time.

2011: Netflix begins using the term binge-watch internally.

2013: Binge-watch is shortlisted by Oxford Dictionaries as word of the year.

2015: Collins English Dictionary chooses binge-watch as word of the year.





WATCH: Dayton's Obi Toppin throws down absurd, between-the-legs dunk


Toppin, a 6-foot-9 redshirt sophomore forward who’s heading to the NBA after two seasons on the court at Dayton, swept all the major awards, winning the Naismith Trophy and awards from the Associated Press and National Association of Basketball Coaches.

Earlier Tuesday, Toppin won the Karl Malone Award, which is given to the nation’s top power forward.

Season highlights >>>




The Century Bar | Bourbon & Banter


Ohio has seen an increase in the amount of liquor during the coronavirus pandemic, with its biggest jump in March.

More than 1,450,000 gallons of liquor were sold in March, a 26% increase from February, according to data from the Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Liquor Control.

March’s sales were also up 22% from March 2019.

Sales in both March and February this year were higher than their respective months in 2019, but this January saw less than a 1% decrease from January 2019.

On March 15, Gov. Mike DeWine and Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton issued an order closing bars and restaurants to in-house patrons.

Though it is not clear if the order is behind the increase in sales, liquor stores in the Miami Valley saw an immediate jump in customers.

Hours after DeWine announced the order in March, the line at Arrow Wine & Spirits on Far Hills Avenue in Kettering stretched from the cash registers to the back of the store.


Dragon Memories


Sophomore Year


















Knock Knock All Out Of Pad (Pink): Knock Knock: 0825703122275: Books








Woman showing symptoms of coronavirus or covid 19 virus, health care concept


We are not going to go back to life as it was in 2019


Dayton Now Closed




There is a great new

social distancing scoreboard



Ohio and California are both graded "A"

because Ohio has 40% less traveled and

California has 48% less traveled

Wyoming gets an "F" for 0% less traveled


In developing a social distancing score that most valuable to organizations, especially those unfamiliar with human mobility data, we started with a generalized score that takes into account relevant underlying metrics — each of which explains one facet of social distancing behavior.


For our first iteration, we explored:

  • People dwelling at home vs dwelling outside their homes (a proxy for how good an area is at "shelter-in-place" behavior)
  • Changes in average time spent in and around home, aggregated over time (a proxy for how much time people spend at home versus other venues)
  • Change in dispersion of activity clusters, or how many people no longer gathered in the same location at the same time (a proxy for change in number of encounters)
  • Change in average distance traveled










Yes, am depending more on streaming for my shelter in place home entertainment. Never liked navigating Netflix. This app/website gives you a much better tool.

It is free and easy.

You can sort by

New/Date/Rating/Genre/Release Year/Title


Most Netflix users have a queue of movies and TV shows on their watch list, but finding things to put on that list can be a bit of a challenge.

 He has been slowly working his way through his Netflix queue. It was a feat he never thought he would finish, but as it turns out all it took was three days and an inability to move for me to watch it all. Now what?

After starting and stopping roughly 10 movies that “looked ok” he tried Flixable, the creation of Reddit user CrazedEll.

A search engine for Netflix, with it you can search all the movies and TV shows on Netflix and Disney+ by Genre, IMDb rating (so you know it’s going to be decent), and release year. You can get your results sorted by release year, rating, title, or when they were added to the streaming site (useful if you’re looking for something “new” to you on the platform).

The result is a lot richer search than you’re able to get on Netflix/Disney+ proper, that surfaces movies and shows you might have not realized we on the platform in the first place. The rating search also gives you a fighting chance at not picking a dud.


Anybody want to shop at 7 AM?



Stores in the Cincinnati-Dayton division will dedicate the first hour of operation, 7 a.m. to 8 a.m., on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, solely to seniors 60 and older and other higher-risk customers, as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The grocery chain’s associates will assist anyone who needs additional help while shopping, company officials said today.

“Kroger wants to provide these groups with the ability to purchase the items they need when fewer shoppers are present,” said Erin Rolfes, corporate affairs manager for Kroger’s Cincinnati-Dayton division. “We request that customers respect these hours for the health of our community during this time of uncertainty.”

Rolfes said Kroger is following guidance from federal, state and local agencies, including the CDC and other health organizations.

Kroger is among few stocks that have been up during the markets sharp downturn.




Protect and serve

Sure, bubble wrap is exceptionally good at protecting a thing during shipment. But really, is packaging or popping its highest calling? Children and adults alike obsess over the stuff; it’s had cameos in several films highlighting the simple joy it provides. There are even phone apps that allow users to pop simulated bubble wrap.

Sealed Air, the company that invented the stuff back in the 1950s, branded their creation bubble wrap—a name no other company can use for sheets of plastic studded with air-filled bubbles, though protective packaging companies now sell bubble packing material in mailers, tubes, and rolls of all sizes. In 2015, Sealed Air announced a redesign that made the packaging material cheaper and more space efficient. Though light, rolls of bubble wrap are so bulky that they tend to be expensive to ship because of the space they take up. This new version arrives uninflated, and companies use a custom pump to add the air during packing. It also means that the sheets don’t pop. Elon Musk called the development “a sign of the apocalypse.”



By the digits

$5 million: Annual Sealed Air sales in 1971

$3 billion: Annual Sealed Air sales in 2000

$20 billion: Worldwide protective packaging sales in 2013

6: Patents granted for bubble wrap

384,400 km (238,855 miles): Length of the total amount of bubble wrap Sealed Air produces yearly, which could stretch from Earth to the Moon

560ºF (293°C): Temperature machines reach to create bubble wrap sheets

$24.99: Price of a novelty bubble wrap jumpsuit

1 million: Mugen Puchi Puchis, keychains with eight push buttons designed to simulate bubble wrap popping, sold in two months when it was introduced in Japan

815 lbs (370 kg): Weight of a pumpkin dropped from a 35-foot (11-m) crane in October 2000 to see if bubble wrap could protect the gourd from being smashed—it worked


A lucky mistake

In the mid-1950s, inventors Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes were working on developing a new style of textured wallpaper. In 1957, they put two sheets of shower curtain through a heat-sealing machine in an experiment. They weren’t satisfied with the pattern of trapped air bubbles that emerged from a design perspective, but they did come up with several other uses for the sealing technique, and were granted several patents for embossing and laminating processes.

In 1960 Fielding and Chavannes founded Sealed Air, and soon the new company got its first big break. IBM had recently introduced the 1401 Data Processing System, one of the first computers to be widely affordable and useful for businesses. Fielding and Chavannes pitched bubble wrap as packaging material, making a deal with IBM, replacing wadded up newspaper in cardboard boxes everywhere, and shaping the history of bubble wrap to come.



“Probably the closest humans will ever get to experiencing what popping a robot’s pimples would be like.”

Loretta Chao for The Wall Street Journal


Big Boy

to the Rescue



Grocery items are available for carryout, drive-through and delivery, restaurant chain says


Frisch’s Big Boy restaurant officials announced this afternoon, March 19, that it has launched a “Big Boy’s Market” that offers staple items such as toilet paper, milk, cereal and other “essentials” for carryout or delivery.

“Frisch’s Big Boy is here for you in these challenging times,” Jason Vaughn, president and CEO of Frisch’s Big Boy, said in a release. The Cincinnati-based chain operates a dozen restaurants in the Dayton, Springfield, Hamilton and Middletown areas.

A Frisch’s spokeswoman told this news outlet today that customers can purchase the Big Boy’s Market grocery items at each restaurant’s drive-through or carryout windows. When placing a delivery order online on a delivery service such as DoorDash, the milk, toilet paper and other grocery items are listed under “pantry” and can be found by scrolling down past Frisch’s restaurant menu items. 

Frisch’s restaurants are also offering their menu for carryout or delivery while dining rooms are shut down due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The market items may vary by location, and Frisch’s officials said the offer “may be for a limited time.” But here is a list of the grocery items that Frisch’s officials said are available at Big Boy’s Market: 

 Single rolls of bathroom tissue, limit four per order
 Half gallons of milk and chocolate milk
 Breads (white, rye, whole wheat, 12 grain, buns)
 12-count dinner rolls
 Soft tortillas 

  Five-pound bags of sugar

 Single-serve cereals (Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs) 

 Produce (celery stalks, tomatoes, broccoli, red onions) 

 20-ounce Frisch’s Big Boy ketchup 

 20-ounce French’s Classic yellow mustard 

 Four-pound container of Frisch’s Big Boy tuna salad 

 Two-liter bottles of some Coca-Cola products 

 20-ounce bottles of Dasani Purified Water and Coca-Cola products



Dragon Memories







We went all out on this one











Not one, but 2 Kempfers












Did Joe do some


on the side?











to Focus






HAPPY St. Patrick's DAY!



Was out twice today for groceries then later for pharmacy.

Traffic was light. The first place I stopped had a line of 30 people out the door. I drove to a Safeway. It was busier than usual but not crazy. There were significant out of stocks.

Third store was busy with longer than normal lines.

Later went to Target which had very few shoppers, less than normal. Target will open on Wednesday with the first hour for seniors.

Some have suggested the US peak for cases will not come for 45 days. It would be difficult to continue this for 5 weeks or more.


Bay Area's New Reality


7 Million people here have to shelter in place.


Originally it only applied to seniors.


Did not like the 65 and above staying in.

Yesterdays new world.


Today (for 2 weeks) it's everybody here.







There are now 5 Bay Areas deaths. In any other context the reaction seems like too much.

Hope it is effective.



Lets lower the bell curve!




Here's a reality check curve







Work from home ?


but not for


waiters/cooks/busboys/retail clerks/custodians

construction/auto sales/hot tub attendents/et al











Maybe during this




TV broadcasters should eliminate commercials







Shut-ins get really sick of them and

most of retail is closed!






{World Wraslin' Entertainment}


Canceled its Hall of Fame Ceremony





Wrestlemania is still on!

April 5th





California Governor Gavin Newsom on Sunday issued a call for all bars, wineries, nightclubs, and brewpubs across the state to close amid concerns over the spread of the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19Unlike other states, Newsom stopped short of asking restaurants to close but did urge operators to cut capacity to allow for “deep social distancing.”  

Also, on Sunday, Newsom urged seniors over the age of 65 and people with chronic health conditions to isolate themselves at home in a bid to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. Newsom noted that there are 5.3 million seniors living in California.  

The California governor also provided an update on the number of coronavirus/COVID-19 cases in the state. He said as of Sunday there were 335 confirmed cases in California – an increase since the previous number of 288 was given Saturday.  



I will not be self-isolating at home.











To Comply with Social Distancing Recommendations:


We suggest you avoid

(or keep ten feet away from)

all Fairmont East

alums and dropouts





Governor Mandates 3-Week School Closure Amidst    COVID-19 Crisis

Gov. DeWine closes school for three weeks



All school events, athletic practices and games, club activities, meetings, etc, are canceled, beginning at 3 p.m. on Monday, March 16, and continuing through the mandated school closure date of Friday, April 3. This will include our planned official designation of the Class of '69 as "Superfine."


Students and staff in Kettering will be on Spring Break next week. Our administration will use this time to finalize plans and information regarding teaching and learning expectations beyond our scheduled Spring Break.

During his press conference today, Gov. DeWhine did say that his office and the Ohio Department of Health will continually monitor the Coronavirus crisis to determine whether this mandated three-week school closure will need to be extended.

We will continue to communicate regularly with our staff, family and community as plans are finalized to make sure that everyone is aware of how they will be impacted by this situation.












Are You receiving email from businesses

explaining their sincere concern and efforts with COVID-19?


Bed, Bath & Beyond   A Message to Our Customers about COVID-19
Landmark Theatres    A note to Landmark’s guests about the Coronavirus
A note from Best Buy about COVID-19
A Message From Starline Social Club
Papa Murphy's       An Important Message To Our Valued Guests
COVID-19 message from Tripadvisor CEO Steve Kaufer
AMC Theatres    A Message From Our CEO about "Social Distancing"
Taco Bell          A Letter to our Fans
Caesar's Entertainment   Our response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)


UD’s season comes to an abrupt end because of Coronavirus




That summed up the day for her, her sons Obi and Jacob, the Dayton Flyers, the Atlantic 10 Conference and all of college basketball. The cancellation of the Atlantic 10 tournament and then the entire NCAA tournament (men’s and women’s) because of Coronavirus fears — stunned everyone on Thursday.

Maybe no one one felt the shockwaves harder than the third-ranked Flyers, whose historic season came to an abrupt end.

“I’m heartbroken,” Roni said. “I’m just hoping they’ll change their minds. I know they’re not going to, though.”

“I wish all of this was just a dream that I could wake up from,” Dayton senior Trey Landers wrote on Twitter. “Wish I could play one more game with my brothers.”


Image result for obi toppin dunk

The end of Dayton’s season means Toppin’s college career likely is also over. He has not announced his decision to enter the NBA draft, but that’s just a formality. He’s a likely lottery pick after leading Dayton to a 29-2 record and 20 straight wins to close the regular season.





Corona Meme 1


The first Ohio high school basketball tournament games with crowd restrictions were played tonight, and the atmosphere was drastically changed.

For example, the Centerville-Moeller matchup in a Division I regional semifinal at Cintas Center in Cincinnati was played in front of a nearly empty arena. 

The changes were made after Gov. Mike DeWine recommended indoor sporting events not be played in front of general crowds over concerns about spreading the coronavirus.

For boys basketball tournament games, student-athletes on the school tournament roster (players and cheerleaders) can designate four family members to purchase a ticket for the game.

Coaches for the team can each designate two family members to purchase tickets. School administrators and the bus driver each receive one free ticket for themselves and a guest.


Image result for coronavirus meme




Obi Toppin is Dayton Flyers’ first All-American

in 41 years


 On Wednesday, The Sporting News named Toppin to its All-American first team. Toppin is Dayton’s first All-American since Jim Paxson in 1979.

“Dayton did not play many close games, in large part because Toppin was so much better than the rest of the Atlantic 10 that even the league’s NCAA Tournament contenders couldn’t keep up,” wrote Mike DeCourcy, of The Sporting News. “That game at Saint Louis turned out to be the one great chance there was to prevent an 18-0 Dayton run through the conference, but Toppin’s tip-in with 8:20 left ignited a 29-16 Dayton close to regulation that forced overtime. His 3-pointer just inside the four-minute mark closed the deficit to a single basket. When Duquesne got too close for comfort in the Flyers’ trip to Pittsburgh, Toppin attacked the rim for eight points in the final eight minutes to help preserve a four-point win. He scored in double figures in every game but one and produced eight double-doubles, helping the Flyers to a school-record win total (29) that figures to keep growing.”

Toppin is Dayton’s 10th All-American. He joins Paxson, Alphonse Schumacher (1912, 1913), Don Meineke (1951, 1952), John Horan (1955), Bill Uhl (1956), Bill Chmielewski (1962), Garry Roggenburk (1962), Henry Finkel (1966) and Don May (1967, 1968).

Toppin, a redshirt sophomore forward, was named the Atlantic 10 Conference Player of the Year on Tuesday. He leads third-ranked Dayton with 20.0 points and 7.5 rebounds per game. He ranks fourth in the country in effective field-goal percentage (68.4). He’s shooting 69.8 percent from 2-point range and 39 percent (32 of 82) from 3-point range. 


We have more Florida photos

Courtesy of Joyce Levy

All 21 can be seen at "What's New"

Here are some that have been cropped and rotated


Field Club





Lido Key









Field Club




UD Flyers

Win 20th straight game

Perfect run through A-10



Obi Toppin had 27 points, including several highlight-reel dunks in the second half, and Jalen Crutcher added 21 as the Flyers outscored the Colonials, 50-26, in the second half.


Here’s what Dayton accomplished in its 31st game of the season:

The Flyers (29-2) tied the school record for consecutive victories. The 1951-52 team also won 20 games from January through March.

The Flyers set the school record for victories in a season, passing the 1951-52 team that finished 28-5.

Dayton now has the third-longest winning streak, in one season, in Atlantic 10 history.

Dayton had already clinched the A-10 regular-season championship and the top seed in the conference tournament. It will play in the quarterfinals at noon Friday at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y.


Anyway it was a 6:30 hour night flight. And it was chilly in the window seat next to the fuselage. It was quiet and stewards weren't making round. So when I saw the stern Asian steward dude I got up and asked if I could get a blanket. "We don't have any blankets."


Wait, almost everyone in first class was using an Alaska blanket! None for even Premium seats? When I exited the tiny, cramped lavatory, no body in the crew was there. On the empty first class seats at the bulkhead were two airline blankets, wrapped in plastic wrap. Looked around and took one. I felt better and warmer to be sure. Unlikely anybody would even see it over at the window seat in the darkened plane. Got away with it. Left it at my seat.

Hope he found it there.







Friday at Field Club

This was taken shortly after sunset and only includes the early Dragons


Can you detect the differences between

Lynne's flattering portraiture

and my snaps ?


Here's more from Lynne


Pam and Scott





Unknown Party goers








Gayle, Diane and Robert








Cindy, Deborah and Joyce



Here are three great close-ups courtesy Lynne Wagner







Brad, Joni & Joe and Debbie




Steve, Karen Sue and Deborah Ake (in the hoodie)







Leslie Joni and Gayle warming by the fire



Diane Lynne and Cindy


Obi Toppin scores 20 points on his 22nd birthday


And what a show No. 3 Dayton delivered Wednesday at the Ryan Center. Obi Toppin scored 20 points, two short of his age on his birthday, as the Flyers routed Rhode Island 84-57.

»RHODE ISLAND COACH: ‘I don’t know that I’ve seen a better team’

Dayton (28-2, 17-0) won by 27 points on the same court where it won by 29 points a year ago. It may have been even more dominant in this game. The Flyers shot 40 percent from 3-point range (8 of 20) and held a 49-38 rebounding advantage.

Responding to some light teasing from the Rhode Island student section, Toppin threw down a tomahawk jam at the peak of Dayton’s dominance in the second half. It was his 100th dunk of the season. He had several other dunks, though his brother Jacob stopped one with a foul.

»OBI TOPPIN ON NBA DECISION: ‘I’m not ready to say it’

Jalen Crutcher added 17 points. Trey Landers scored 14. Ten different Flyers scored, including walk-on Christian Wilson, who made a 3-pointer in the final minVideo: David Jablonski - Staff Writer

Here’s what the victory means for Dayton:

• Dayton tied the school record for victories in a season. The 1951-52 team finished 28-5.

• Dayton won its 19th straight game. That’s one short of the school record for consecutive victories in one season. Dayton won 20 straight games from January to March in 1952.

• The 19-game winning streak is the longest in the A-10 since Saint Louis won 19 straight in 2013-14, and it’s tied for the fifth longest in conference history.

• Dayton became the first team since the A-10 returned to an 18-game schedule in 2014-15 to win 17 games.

• Dayton joined Gonzaga (29-2), San Diego State (28-1) and Liberty (28-4) as the only teams in the country with 28 victories.


Jalen Crutcher, Obi Toppin and Trey Landers all scored in double figures in the first half as the third-ranked Dayton Flyers built a 46-30 halftime lead against Rhode Island on Wednesday at the Ryan Center.

Dayton outscored Rhode Island 11-3 in the last 4:03, thanks in part to a four-point possession. Rhode Island guard Fatts Russell picked up a technical foul after Toppin was fouled. Crutcher made two free throws, and then Toppin made two.

Crutcher scored 12 points and made all six of his free-throw attempts. Toppin had 10 points, including two dunks on his 22nd birthday. Landers scored Dayton’s first five points and had 10 in the half.

Dayton shot 50 percent from the field (16 of 32) and made 14 of 25 2-point shots one game after making 27 of 28 in a victory against Davidson.

Much like the first game between these two teams, fouls mounted fast in the first half. Dayton made 12 of 13 free throws. Rhode Island made 9 of 16.

Toppin, Crutcher, Ryan Mikesell and Dwayne Cohill all picked up two fouls in the half.

Rhode Island shot 29 percent from the field and 23 percent from 3-point range (3 of 13).






The forecast was correct.

Northerners vacation in Florida in the winter because it is sunny and warm.

Twelve of the first twenty-four days in February have been in the 80s in Sarasota. The average daytime high for February 28-29 is 74 degrees.

We will not likely experience those warm temperatures. The current forecast high for February 28th is 62 degrees and for February 29th, Leap Day, is 65 degrees. So be prepared with jackets and layers.

I accept full personal responsibility for the below average temperatures on behalf of my vacation weather karma. Like my two most recent vacations to Palm Springs and Las Vegas the temperatures will be high before I arrive, dip below normal, and then back up as soon as I leave.



University of Dayton Flyers


Men's Basketball Ranked #3!


Dayton's magical run in the Associated Press top-25 poll continued Monday when it climbed from No. 5 to No. 4. It's a special season when Dayton fans can complain about not being ranked third, but many thought they should have jumped Gonzaga and San Diego State.

Dayton extended its winning streak to 16 games by winning 66-61 at Virginia Commonwealth on Tuesday and beating Duquesne 80-70 on Saturday at UD Arena.

As Steve Kisling can attest many fans celebrate post-game at

the crowded Oakwood Club

Prior to this season, Dayton had not ranked in the top 10 since 1967

and had not ranked in the top five since it reached No. 2 in 1956. Dayton is the highest-ranked Atlantic 10 Conference team since Saint Joseph’s, which reached No. 1 in 2004. That was the last A-10 team to reach the top spot. Dayton has never ranked No. 1.

This is the first time since the 1955-56 season that Dayton has been ranked in 13 straight weeks. The 1955-56 team was ranked all season in 15 polls. That team finished 25-4.





Brief history

1923: Women are allowed to cheer for the first time, at the University of Minnesota.

1948: Lawrence Herkimer launches the National Cheerleaders Association.

1968: Becky Spahr, Lynne Wagner, Sandy Stimmel, Marilyn Blesi, Suzi Willig, and Barb Getty

1971: Herkimer invents and patents the pom-pom.

1974: Jeff Webb starts the Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA), which will later become Varsity.

1980: UCA holds the first National High School Cheerleading Championship in Orlando, Florida.

1986: Herkimer sells the National Cheerleaders Association for $20 million. Varsity buys its parent company, National Spirit Group, in 2004.

2000: Bring It On comes out, shining a spotlight on the sport of cheerleading.

2004: Varsity launches the nonprofit International Cheer Union, the self-proclaimed “recognized world governing body of Cheerleading.”

2016: The International Olympic Committee grants cheerleading provisional recognition as an Olympic sport.



In the late 1800s, groups of young men at Ivy League colleges formed “yell teams” to cheer on the sidelines of football games. These were the ancestors of today’s cheerleaders, and the sport was considered a man’s activity because it put a premium on traits typically associated with masculinity, like the ability to lead a crowd. During World War II, when young men left school to go off to war, women started joining cheerleading teams, and the stereotype of cheerleaders as all-American-girls-next-door largely replaced the previously male standard.

By the mid-1970s, almost all cheerleaders were women. In 1968 Yolande Fulton, Kathy Finke, Jan Windsor, Connie Thompson, Peggy Mathes, and Marty Hart were cheerleaders for West.

In 1972, the federal government passed Title IX, a civil rights law that barred discrimination in publicly funded education institutions on the basis of sex, including in athletics. The courts ruled that cheerleading didn’t count as a varsity sport, meaning it wasn’t subject to the same equal opportunity requirements and didn’t qualify for the benefits of being a Title IX sport. According to Jaime Schultz, associate professor of kinesiology at Pennsylvania State University, that’s when “girls and women began to turn away from cheerleading.”

“In response,” Schultz writes, “leaders of the emerging ‘spirit industry,’ who sought to expand and profit from the activity, made it more athletic by encouraging the use of acrobatic stunts and tumbling.” At the same time, men started rejoining the sport, making it broadly more co-ed. Despite the athleticism required, cheering is still considered a “student activity, not an interscholastic varsity sport” according to USA Cheer, and thus not held to Title IX standards.




With some of the finest, whitest sand in the world, this beach attracts sand collectors from all over.  Siesta Beach has clear, warm waters ideal for swimming.  The beach is hundreds of yards wide in the shape of a crescent due to anchoring of onshore rocks to the south.


From the 1800s and early 1900s, Siesta Key was known by a variety of names, including “Little Sarasota Key” and “Sarasota Key.” The first attempts to develop the key was by the Siesta Land Company in 1907 consisting of Harry Higel, Captain Louis Roberts, and E.M. Arbogast. The company platted the northern end of the key as "Siesta on the Gulf" as well as dredged bayous and built docks. The only access to Siesta Key was by boat or ferry until the first bridge connecting it to the mainland was completed in 1917. The bridge was later replaced in 1927 along with an addition of a second bridge located on the southern end of the key. The entire key was officially recognized as "Siesta Key" by 1952.



Looking for Traffic?


Always Available on




(or even hangry)

for a deep fried hot dog and other drive-in treats while in Sarasota?


1701 N Washington Blvd, Sarasota, FL 34234









Still enjoy episodes of




  and more

Have a grateful appreciation



Fantastic favorites like





All about the 60's

60 Years Later









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You might enjoy feeling younger in the elderly population of Florida's Gulf Coast.



Image result for Armand Circle Sarasota Florida


Sarasota’s history began over 10,000 years ago, with research showing that native people occupied it. Europeans first discovered the area in the early 1500s. In 1539, the city was named “ZaraSota” by Hernando de Soto. At this time, Sarasota was not settled but was instead a place for fishing camps.


There are more females than males, making up 52% of the population. About 30% of the people in Sarasota County are at least 65 years old, making up the largest age group. Over 70  years old 20%. Just 17% are under 18 years old. Am comfortable here because 40% of males have never married like me and Nish.


First visited Sarasota in the early 60s on our family vacation. Driving down I-75 in a station wagon like many Buckeyes.  We went as a family a few times and just the guys for spring training one year. Dad was born in 1918 in New Port Richey, north from Sarasota, and our grandmother lived there in the family house her carpenter husband built. He had brothers and sisters in Sarasota. And we had  five male cousins.


We loved the white sandy beaches and warm Gulf water. When we realized our cousins were playing in the Gulf water with the spring training ball a player gave to us that my brother and I prized, it was clear we would not be close with cousins Richard and Ralph. Anyway I have pleasant memories of Florida in the 60s.


Image result for Siesta Key


My partner, Ellen, and I one Thanksgiving (1978) met my father and mother for Thanksgiving weekend in an A-frame  right on the soft sand on Siesta Key. Wonderful weather and a great, memorable time for everyone.


Have enjoyed years of  camaraderie in Sarasota with Steve & Ann, Brad & Linda, Gary & DeeDee as well as the slow traffic on the Trail and long traffic lights. Better weather than February in Northern California. Filled with sun and laughs and dining out. Our visitors have included my late father, Pat Pancoast, Dick Dormitzer and Dave Chambers.



Am looking forward to another our upcoming gathering. Hope to see many Dragons I have never seen in Florida.

Should be another goodtime.



The Stivers Class of 1964 Will Not Be There!


Class of '69 Dragons

Gathering in Sarasota

Live music, food and drinks


The Field Club


Image result for Field Club Sarasota Florida


Academy Awards 2020

"American Factory"

Wins the

Documentary Feature


Yellow Springs filmmakers Julia Reichert and Steven Bognar won their first Oscar tonight for locally-made documentary “American Factory.”


Reichert: “Even before that envelope got opened, just being in the presence, in the company of our sister and brother documentarians who risked their lives making stories, bringing stories to us about hospitals being bombed in Syria, about Brazil, about Macedonia, we were so proud. We are inspired by you guys. Our film is from Ohio and China. Go Buckeyes! Sorry. But it really could be from anywhere that people put on a uniform and punch a clock, trying to make their families have a better life. Working people have it harder and harder these days. We believe that things will get better when workers of the world unite.”

Bognar: “Thank you, Academy! Thank you to everyone who trusted us to tell your story. Junming Wang, thank you to our unstoppable crew, our beloved friends and family, Jeff Liu, our unstoppable editor Lindsay Utz, and to those big-hearted people at Netflix, Participant Media, Higher Ground Productions, and the tough, inventive, great people of Dayton, Ohio.”


Image result for American Factory

Acceptance speeches are a rare peek beyond the highly filtered veil of modern celebrity. The moment of surprise that comes from winning a major award like an Oscar or an Emmy can throw some stars off so much that they’re left speechless, say too much, or have the kind of awkward moments created by the pressure of live television.

For nominees who are contenders for major awards, like the Oscars, acceptance speeches can boil down to a science—interweaving humility while pleasing the Academy with acknowledgement to the community. Other performers use their platform to make a political statement, bashing politicians, advocating for diversity, or protesting war. The best get clever, with a sonnet, a freestyle, or a Jane Austen homage. Here are some words for the people who really matter, you the readers (and our agents).


By the digits

5 minutes and 30 seconds: Longest Oscar acceptance speech, given by Greer Garson for Best Actress for the film Mrs. Miniver in 1943

582: Words in Halle Berry’s Best Actress Oscar acceptance speech for Monster’s Ball in 2002, when she became the first African-American to win the award

45 seconds: Maximum length of Oscar acceptance speeches now

10: Seconds Fred Rogers asked the audience to think about people who have “loved us into being” during his 1997 acceptance speech for a lifetime-achievement Emmy

2: Words in 16-year-old Patty Duke’s acceptance speech for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for The Miracle Worker in 1963: “Thank you”

12 minutes: Length of the standing ovation Charlie Chaplin received for his honorary Oscar in 1972

19: Nominations it took soap-opera legend Susan Lucci before she got to accept an Emmy

14: Lines in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s 2016 Tony Awards acceptance speech for Best Score for Hamilton, in the form of a sonnet


Most unbelievable moments

Strange and downright cringey off-script moments during acceptance speeches abound. Here are some of the weirdest: